chubby black fashion


So lately I’ve been letting people get to me. Since I’ve started college I’ve been exposed to a lot of hate and discrimination. Honesty people have been so rude. They’ve been making fun of me and laughing at me and it’s all been really hard, and for a second I forgot who I was. They’ve been saying horrid things about my weight and my hair and some have gone so far as to make fun of me for having albinism. I can’t leave my room without someone saying something or doing something rude and it’s kind of ridiculous. I forgot how much of a gem I am.I have a natural unique beauty. I can’t blame them for staring, it’s not everyday you see a queen walking around.


I can’t believe how comfortable I have became with showing my tummy, but damn! It’s a cute ass tummy! This is the first full body picture I have taken in a while. But I’m digging it! Suspenders, crop tops are my new found love!

I’m super self conscious of my thighs but I’m very proud that I am able to show them off in this pictures.


I have never liked my body. I’ve always considered my self fat, and in my mind that was equal to ugly. I bought this outfit yesterday at Forever 21, in the plus sized section. While I was in the plus sized area, a little skinny white girl said to her friends, “This is my size guys.” and they all laughed. She continued to say, “haha just kidding, I’m not fat as fuck.” It has taken me a long time to be even remotely content with my body. I can officially say that I love everything about me. Fat does not equal ugly. Shitty people like the girl yesterday are what equal ugly. I love my not-so-flat stomach and my not-so-skinny arms. I love my stretch marks and my thighs. Just cause I’m bigger does not mean I’m any less beautiful.