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AKRAV Concept Art Things #01

So this here’s the first sketch that was ever made of the Lizardgang peeps.
Some of you who are here might know they were originally created as fun, supporting cast for an Undertale AU, but we ended up putting so much love and work into these characters and their world we decided to make them the main characters of their own story.

Also, receiving this sketch from Em, I immediately fell in love with the crazy one who ended up being Brad. This here’s the first picture ever created of Brad. He was still an adult there and we planned to give them weird mouths and rather strange clawy feet. The markings were a thing already. This picture was done July 23rd in 2016, which marks the gang’s official bday now.

The R in Raider gang was turned around because they originally were too dumb to get it right. The mirrored R in the Akrav logo is a reference to this.

Note that he’s lacking the DERPFACE™.

Following him I started designing the rest of the cast. They’ve come a long way til now.

First artwork of Josh. Kinda skinny and while not smol, also not very tol (yet). Also they were meant to be wearing their bandanas at all times.

Some more dudes of the gang. As I said, they’ve come a long way (also we noticed I have a tendency to gouge out left eyes so we changed Hank’s design (and also added horns.. he’S WEIRD LOOKING AAAH)

In their 2.0 versions we also decided to simplify their markings for the comic’s sake. Tom probably went through the biggest change, considering he was a teenager who just got his first markings in the first version. I’m glad we now have smol chubby babu Tom in the comic.

First art of Jack. He looks so soft and still had his teef. 
Also nips. We decided at a later time then that they’re no mammals and thusly, don’t have or need nips. 

And here’s his brand, which eventually turned into AKRAV’s logo <3

None of the couples was established yet at the time.
They kinda decided on their own who started dating who but more about this next time <3

totalelasticity  asked:

imagine solangelo just sitting one day and its dark outside and theyre just by the water and nico just turns to will and goes "hey, will, look, i know we've known each other only a small while but you may as well know im gay" and will nods, doesnt say anything, just nods, and nico knows its going to be okay (pt 1)

(cont.) and then suddenly will is all “yeah well i have something to say too” and nico gets a lil bit excited because what if but also a bit worried and then suddenly will takes off his shirt, and nico goes all red automatically because well here’s his crush right in front of him shirtless, but then he looks a bit closer but he looks closer and suddenly he knows, and will puts his shirt back on and says “i never go swimming because of those scars, i hate knowing that i used to have them” and nico just nods and smiles and scoots a tiny bit closer because he knows that will trusting him with the fact that hes trans means that will trusts him with anything (the end :D)

Oh my god yes this so much I love trans!Will so much

  • Hedge is his protector and finds him in the woods outside of Charleston SC after The Python attacked him at school
  • Similar to how Percy killed the Minotaur, who was originally defeated by Theseus, another son of Poseidon, The Python hunts for the children of it’s killer
  •  /parallels/
  • Hedge asks him what his name is
  • He’s quiet for a while before saying his name’s Will
  • Hedge knows that’s not what it said on his class list when he checked in on him by faking to be a sub a few months ago
  • he just rolls with it because he’s seen some weird shit in his day and he has other things to worry about like the giant snAKE
  • they get to camp and everyone loves him like look at this chubby little babu with a Southern accent has he not seen snow before omg he’s adorable 
  • Will almost cries when he’s claimed as Apollo’s son and later it doesn’t bother him that his dad doesn’t visit much because he knows he’s accepted and that’s enough
  • Will’s worried about what all the people at camp think of him but after telling his older brother Lee he gets so much support like
  • Athena cabin teaching him about the Stonewall riots and the trans emperor of Rome and how  their mom would be considered genderfluid by today’s standards because the values of wisdom and military strategy had no gender so Athena appeared as both in the old stories and they give him a bunch of books and resources translated into ancient greek
  •    his siblings helping him bind safely and discussing surgery options with him and Chiron
  •  Someone in Cabin 10 sews him a really good binder and they give him haircuts and help him with donating a bunch of his old clothes around camp and taking up donations for new ones.
  • Hermes cabin helps him get hormones (they ensure the pills are legit even if their methods are dubious)
  • Demeter campers and the Dionysus twins help grow fruits and veggies that balance out testosterone and estrogen levels
  • Will stays at camp year round most of the time even though he loves his mom to pieces, because he feels more at home here than South Carolina, where they still fly Confederate flags  for gods’ sake.
  • Will being trans and know he’s accepted and loved is so important

gazetiel  asked:

human cas headcanon;basically cas thinking he has 2 charge up his batteries after any minimal physical effort since his grace is gone n humans require energy from something external 2 them 2 function? ?so hes basically snacking 24/7 rig ht b4 and after a case, on the road, while he' s watching a movie, right b4 sex so dean has 2 wait for him to go fill up on carbs bc //dean i could literally pass out/ /and when he comes his tum is 2 full n he's too drowsy n sleepy so hes jsut lik k see u 2morrow

this is…. too good and pure for this world…. oh god and he’d become so fucking adept at cooking, and not just nice baked goods and more-ish stuff, no, like hardcore haute cuisine, we’re talkin’ tuna tartare with yuza gelée, crispy duck with plum and elderflower emulsion, polenta croquette filled with leeks and ham hock. you name it, cas can make it. he’s also pretty prone to peach clafoutis, but that’s neither here nor there. it comes to the point where cas is fairly rotund, but when he’s cooking sometimes he’ll rub his tummy and feel satisfied, down to his bones. cooking becomes a lesson in actually taking care of himself, actually loving himself, and soon it’s not even the food that’s giving him energy anymore, it’s the knowledge that every time he cooks something he’s creating. he is an angel in his own domain, and his food is righteously good. 

Imagine all the indirect kisses Hide and Kaneki have had over the years!! Sharing bottles, taking a bite from each other’s fork/chopstick, sharing ice cream, Kaneki eating an apple and Hide taking a bite from the spot Kaneki started on, Kaneki making soup and sips it to know how it taste and calls Hide over to try it and using the same spoon, chubby cheek babu Kaneki eating a lolipop and Hide takes a lick of it too!!!! (Kids are fucking dirty they share the same sucker. Ive seen it.)

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