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Ford as a were-plaidypus!

  A new discovery about the Plaidypus has necessitated that I expand my previous entries upon them, and indeed include an entirely new creature to my  Journal.

   While generally docile, the Platypus do actually have venomous spurs similar to their mundane counterparts. However, instead of releasing a toxin that causes pain, it invokes a transformation within this victim.

   I made this discovery after being injured by one of their spurs myself. At first there was no reaction, so I concluded that the Plaidypus must be non-venomous, but this was soon to be proven otherwise.  At the setting of the sun I was transformed into a half man, half Plaidypus beast that I will from henceforth refer to as “The Were-Plaidypus”

   Unlike the traditional Were-form, I seem to change every night rather than according to changes in the lunar cycle. Fortunately, other than a ravenous desire for Maple syrup and shrimp, I seem to retain all of my human faculties.  I have read of a few lumberjack tails that speak of a cure for my affliction. Tonight I shall see if these cures work, either way I shall report my findings in the morning.

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In which Ford learns about some special aspects of Platypus the hard way. I like to think he was trying to get a platypus pelt by capturing one instead of the correct way he gives in his journal here. (he learns that later.) Otherwise Platypus are perfectly happy to let folks pet and love on them. (because they are soft and I want that to be true.)


Two small sketches of @momolady ‘s Hiro !

(and the reader, kind of scribbled together from the small mood boards added to the stories, I hope that’s ok ) 

the second sketch got a bit out of hand and in the end, I added a whole (very scribbly) background haha

Momo is the Queen of Monster stories and you should seriously read them <3