chubby acceptance

Summer is here!

So don’t be afraid of putting on a bikini!
Don’t be afraid of wearing shorts or a skirt!
Don’t be afraid of wearing cropped tops!
Don’t be afraid of eating sugary foods like ice cream and drinking soda pop!

Just say hydrated by drinking juice and plenty of liquids. Also eating fruit can help

hey w valentine’s day coming up here’s a reminder to my fat sisters: it’s okay to eat chocolate and candy. you’re not disgusting or unattractive for eating foods society consciously associates with your body. even if you’re not in a relationship, it’s okay to buy some. treat yourself for once.

fat lesbians? are honestly such a blessing

OOTD: I was feeling really fucked up about my body today and to be honest I tried on about 30 outfits before I was able to leave the house without crying, thereby making myself 90 minutes late to meet a friend for coffee. (I am fortunate that he is an understanding friend!)

You can see my newest tattoo in this pic, on my right shin - a tarot card (the lovers).

this is a new positivity blog celebrating sapphic body positivity & acceptance! if you support chubby/fat wlw please reblog! (no terfs/twerfs please) 


Hey! Who dis cutie taking selfies in the lift at work…. oh yeah….that’s me 🙈😂😍😅😏🔥💯👌🏼✌🏼💕