He was never one to turn down muffins on a coffee run. He was quite happy to eat fries. He loved sub sandwiches, especially with extra mayo. And, Eames thought, he could polish off desserts. With red wine. Except, Arthur seemingly was blessed with a rapid metabolism that processed everything quickly. The fact he was always tapping his toes, clicking his laptop, or walking round the warehouse probably didn’t hurt.

Eames decided he was going to have to get in shape. Arthur could get away with it; he could not. And, he suspected, the Point Man - the neat, fastidious, Point Man- would not be interested in someone who was clearly becoming fat and lazy.

He decided that from the day, he was going to diet.


FROM Sweet And Low by Lazarus76

In which Eames thinks there’s only one way to finally win the heart of the man he loves.