chubbs the corgi

Little Kitty Boy wants a Mommy

Name: Sam
Little Names:
Sammy, Kitty, Boy (Good boy!)
Little Kitty / Boy
Reading, England

About Yourself: I’m new to everything cgl but after discovering it I know it’s who I am. I have lots of stuffies even though people think it’s weird. I like to act like a kitten and am very good at purring and meowing. I have a plush platypus who is my best friend and he keeps me safe. I’m shy and have social anxiety, but if I get comfortable with someone I can be very witty and talkative.
Big Hobbies/Interest: My job is game development so I like video games a lot. Currently addicted to Stardew Valley and Zelda BoTW on Nintendo Switch. I also play PC games like Overwatch, Binding of Isaac, PUBG, Enter the Gungeon and Minecraft. I also like to watch YouTube videos and occasionally Twitch streams.

Little Hobbies /Interest: I haven’t tried much but I’m open to lots of stuff. I am into petplay so I really like being a kitty. I can purr just like a cat! I love snuggles and cuddles as well as getting my back scratched. I like to wear collars, leashes, cat ears and a tail in private. 
♡fav color:
Light Blue!
I like going for walks in the woods or going to the zoo or aquarium! 
♡fav tv shows/movies:
Big Hero 6, Star Wars, Zootopia, Deadpool, Guardians of the Galaxy, probably a bunch more. I don’t really have favourites but these are ones I like a lot that I can remember right now.
♡ stuffie names:
Puggle the Platypus, Mr Chubbs (he’s a fat corgi), BMO (from adventure time), Crocodilly, Kookie the Kookaburra, Mushy, Ruff and Sackboy
I like flying saucers and aniseed balls!
♡little gear: I
don’t really have much other than petplay stuff like collar, tail and cat ears.

Partner Preference: Female
Partner Preference Age:
Partner Preference Role:
What do you look for in a Partner:
Similar interests in digital media or art. I hope she is soft and caring but also can be strict and playful. Interest in petplay would be good too, or at least the idea of a kitty boy.
I’am Looking for a Sexual/Nonsexual/TBD relationship:
I want a loving relationship which can be sexual
What Names do you Like to Call Your Caregiver:
Mommy, Mistress, Miss, Ma'am
I Like When My Caregiver Does:
Calls me a good boy! Gives me back scratches! Pets me!
I Don’t Like:
Criticism, too much social interaction, needles or blood

Best way to get in touch with you is: My tumblr: sub-kitten-boy