chubbs peterson

Sometimes Cool Things Happen at School

Yesterday Carl Weathers came to speak in the library to a fraction of a film communications class. He spoke about the importance of communication whether it be oral or written. He also had us do a cold reading of a scene that is featured in a short he directed as well as a snippet of a military exercise. The three hours we spent with Mr. Weathers was informative and entertaining. Because I knew that I was going to this small gathering I brought something ancient for him to sign in a small window of opportunity I had before he left. also a photo opp. 

Thank you Chubbs!

“I Forgot They Played There!”

Carl Weathers

Action Jackson ! He hunted the “Predator”, fought “Rocky” a few times, and was a fallen golf pro in “Happy Gilmore”. Before all this though Carl Weathers had a short lived career in professional football. He began his pro football career playing under John Madden for the Oakland Raiders for one season and there after played three years in the Canadian Football League with the BC Lions before making the transition to a full time actor.