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14 Times Shows Brought Your Heart Beating

4 Lions Films production house along with producer Gul Khan has given the Indian television some of the best and most successful shows with an international following. Every girl is guilty of watching one or the other of these shows at some point. What with the hot-shot heroes and the perfect families (or not so perfect at that). This list includes a long list of shows : Dil Boley Oberoi, Ishqbaaz, Qubool Hai, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Du, Geet Hui Sabse Parayi etc, etc. The list is long and beautiful.

Here are 14 things you will truly relate to if you have ever been the audience of anyone of these :

1. It’s all about money, money, money !! 

Our heroes are fucking rich. Richer than Ambani. A direct competition to Christian Grey. They never go to their offices. We have never seen their workplace. One of the perks of being extremely rich I guess. But anyways, the bottom line is that they are rich whereas our heroines … Well, our heroines are either middle-class-somehow-earning-a-bit-to-exist or totally-in-debt-but-too-proud-to-do-anything moneyless.

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2. Tenu suit suit karda !!

Our hero lives, sleeps and breathes in a three piece suit. That is all that adorns the body of our Indian Adonis.

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And our heroines, synonymous to what we prefer to call “Chamkili”. All glittery and shiny, ALWAYS.

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3. Akele hum akele tum !!

It’s sad but true that our protragonists stand alone in the crowd. They have families but no parents. They have either had no parents or lost them at a young age, very young age.

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Being orphans (almost always) is what brings them together.

4. Aasteen ka saanp !!

Our villain is a part of the hero’s family ( another heartfelt “Always”). He will always blackmail the heroine/ hurt the heroine’s family/ try to break a marriage.

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And yes, our hero is the ultimate saviour.

5. Ye kya hua … Accidental Husband !!

Somehow our heroes believe in accidental/ forced marriages. now that is a totally different issue that since its our leads, they have got to fall in love.

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After all, “shaadi byah ke maamle mein aate mei namak jitna jhooth toh chalta hai .”

6. Hai naak pe jo gussa !!

Our heroes always start as cold and calculating masters of their own universe, taking decisions for everyone.

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And our heroine is a chubbly, bubbly, always happy, drama queen.

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But in the end, our cold and calculating, master of the universe has got to fall for the drama queen. (Otherwise, makers won’t consider it a love story now, would they !)

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7.Thappad se dar nhi lagta saab …. Pyaar se lgta hai !!

Our heroes are scared of love and the heroines consider it their moral duty to teach them all there is about love.

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You see, our machoistic heroes aren’t afraid of anything. Anything except love.

8. Anjaana sa puraana qissa koi … Meri kahaani !!

Hero ki backstory is like ghee in fire. Either it ends everything before it starts or it burns down everything that it touches.

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Our hero had a girl/ family. They either die or leave him forcing him to not believe in the concept of love anymore. And then enters the person who will make him fall in love.

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Happily ever after begins …!

Or not.

9. Aap devil ke peechey, devil aapke peechey … Too much fun !!

*In a very serious, conspiracy wali voice* Hero gets to know that someone is trying to hurt his lady love/ family. He goes after them. He doesn’t know that villain is in the family. He keeps on digging and ends up being kidnapped.

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And obviously, it is understandable after watching Indian daily soaps for eons tht the heroine gets to save him, make a place for herself in his heart, get injured and let the hero know of the truth in the process. *Phew ! Tough job.*

10. Agar wo mujhse pyaar karti hai toh paltegi !!

Our leads have a very strong “dil se dil tak” wala heart to heart connection. After all, they are in love. And henceforth, the heroine gets to know hat something is wrong with the hero even if she is in the bedroom and the hero is in an airplane. And vice versa.

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Always present to save the day !

11. Kya karein kya na karein ye kaisi mushkil haye !!

Our heroes are sinerely, truly, very deeply, sex deprived. One is refused by her Mrs. to consummate their marriage (basically she refused the sex) because they didn’t have “pheras” to be “completely married”. 

Poor hero, he had to go through the entire big, fat, Indian wedding ka jhamela again only to bed a girl who is already his wife.

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The other one never had any romance in her life except bollywood movies which taught her every road trick except again, romance. So basically, she has to take the lead and ruin every try that the hero does to come close.

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12. *In his head* Tum mujhe yu he dekhti rahi toh mujhe tumse pyaar ho jaaega !!

Our hero has got to maintain his reputation of being cold and calculative and mean and he has to impress the girl too. So, what does he do ?

Well, he secretly does cheesy stuff to see her smile. Covering her with a blanket when she’s asleep, making sure that she gets all her favourites and other things without allowing her to know its him etc. etc. He even fights the goons for her when he feels extra … Extra happy/ in love.

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After all, it’s her smile that matters.

13. Hero ki guide !!

Our every hero has a guide. Someone from the family who helps him understand the difference between good and bad, right and wrong.

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And also, she needs to make sure that the hero treats the heroine well. After all, she is the “ghar ki izzat”.

14. Baahon mei chali aa oo !!

Well, it is the moral duty of every Indian naari on the daily soaps to atleast once fall in the arms of their beloved. It can be anywhere. In the office, while making a rangoli, while saving the hero’s family which is yet to be hers.

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Anywhere, anytime.

Well, many of these might sound cliched but a girl can never resist a GK/ 4LPH hero ! -xoxo