more fat yuuri headcanons

headcanons? more like Projection^TM

  • so like. after a while you kinda start to accept the flabs on your arms and your thicc thighs and tummy/muffin top?
    • your body kinda becomes its own stress toy. it’s hella fun to grab ur arm flabs or just kinda wiggle the fat in ur butt or s/t
      • when yuuri has anxiety or needs something to stim he sometimes would go to his love handles bc there’s so much to grab
    • ALSO DRUMMING UR THICK THIGHS AND TUMMY LMAO… like when ur listening to music u cant help but drum along on ur tummy or thighs and then watch the jiggle it’s hella fun
      • (sometimes victor drums on yuuri’s booty when he’s distracted)
  • the thing about being fat is that hugs are like 10x better bc ur squishy. ppl love to get a chance to hug yuuri bc he literally gives the best hugs
    • yuuri has an irrational fear that he might squeeze the other hugger too hard but that’s 
  • sometimes skinnier ppl or ppl with flat stomachs just doesnt understand? yuuri finds a lot of comfort in ppl like his parents or takeshi and talks about the ups and downs of being fat
    • like. shopping for clothes? lmao god what an exhausting experience
    • or even just being able to indulge in food without judgement from other people. i mean u saw the first episode… his parents were so ready to cook him 2482374 bowls of katsudon like theres literally no judgement at all
      • (i guess maybe takeshi is an exception but i think that’s mostly bc he was helping yuuri get to a good weight before the grand prix)
  • i mean we can go into detail about the cons of being fat (like spending long hours in front of the mirror examining your fat and sucking in your stomach and hating urself for not having the skinny stomach that everyone loves) but there’s a lot of fatphobia that goes around and i’d rather keep it positive
  • either way, yuuri katsuki loves his fat and he canonically goes chubby off season dont take this away from me thanks