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Hi, I saw matchups were open? I'm a pansexual cisgirl, so any character is fine. I'm short and chubby, with very curly short hair that is naturally black but I recently dyed pastel pink! I also wear large, thick glasses bc I'm super nearsighted. I'm autistic, so I'm really nervous around people at first, and stim a lot. I love animals, video games, singing (in high school I was in choir and theater), and drawing. I'm currently in college as a Biology student, with Writing as a secondary focus.

hi, hun!💛 thanks for stopping by! hope you like it!(/^▽^)/

I match you with….Jumin!

  • let me start off by saying that jumin loves your hair!!!!
  • he also loves how chubby you are!
  • listen, jumin has a thing for hips. the bigger, the better(¬‿¬)
  • buys you different colored glasses and makes sure they’re to your exact prescription
  • will literally fight anyone who dares to talk about you stimming
  • like - death glares and a threat to ruin them financially 
  • will play video games with you, but you’re gonna have to teach him how 
  • thinks your singing is absolutely angelic 
  • Elizabeth loves you, bonus!
  • fully supports your interests, of course 
  • will totally help you when need help with biology because he was unexpectedly good at it
  • loves to proofread your writings! be it essays, a short story, or the start of a book!
  • gives constructive criticism when he feels its needed, but its actually very rare that he does
  • because he’s always in love with your stuff 
Everything about you is lovely.

Your hair (or lack thereof)
Your belly (chubby or flat)
Your eyes (dark or bright)
Your stretch marks (a few or a lot)
Your scars (from accidents or self-harm)
Your moles (big or little)
Your acne (a few pimples or a major breakout)
Your freckles (little ones on your nose or ones all over every single inch of your body)
Your birth marks (small light brown ones or huge dark ones)
Your height (short or tall)
Your weight (a smaller number or a larger number)

All of it.

All of you.

YOU are lovely.

(This goes for girls AND boys. I don’t know where this came from in my mind, it just seemed like something I should share because maybe somebody needed to read it.)


Last week was our third anniversary - I can’t believe it’s been three years already! Unlike last year, we were together this time (the pains of long distance relationships across borders!) so I wore something pretty to go out for dinner and drinks with my Moosh. We look some photos in Cubbon Park before the light faded and then strolled over to Social for cocktails and the arguably the best poutine in Bangalore. I felt rather festive in my burgundy velvet skirt and snowflake stockings from Tabbisocks - ‘tis the season after all! The best thing about anniversaries around Christmas is how joyous and festive everything is all around. I might post some photos from our Christmas celebrations later - we managed to dish up a full Christmas dinner with all the trimmings but forgot to get any pics of it! In the meantime, I hope y’all are having a joyous, restful and much needed winter break ♥


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