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For the prompt thing: Robert and Liv surprise Aaron with a puppy when he comes home from prison 😘

Day 13 of my Aaron comes home drabble prompts:

Aaron’s panic attacks were back in full force since he came home from prison and Robert was at a loss as to what to do to help his husband.  He couldn’t always be there as much as he wanted and when Aaron’s counsellor suggested a dog to help, Robert jumped on the idea.

Robert picked Liv up after school and the two of them went to the animal shelter to find a special dog to keep Aaron company when they couldn’t be there. “So, are we going to get a puppy?” Liv asked as they walked inside.

“No, no puppies we want something already trained and low maintenance,” Robert said with a sigh.


They got a puppy. A Siberian Husky, a cute rollie pollie puppy with a chubby little body and short little legs and absolutely no discipline.


They waited until Aaron got home from the scrap yard and was relaxing on the couch.  ‘We got you a present,” Liv said barely able to contain her excitement. “Well, it was Robert’s idea but I helped.”

“Now, it’s your present but I get to choose the name,” Robert informed Aaron as he opened the crate that held their new puppy.

The puppy tumbled out of the create and onto its paws and made a beeline straight for Aaron. “He’s mine?” Aaron asked a small grin on his face as he picked up the wriggling puppy.

“Yeah, I mean we’ll all love him and take care of him but he’s your dog,” Robert said feeling something shift inside as if some of his worry and fear was finally leaving him.

Aaron looked up at Robert and mouthed “Thanks, I love you.” Nuzzling his face against the puppy Aaron asked, “So, go on then what’s his name?”

“Well, I’ll let you make the final choice but only because I couldn’t make a decision between ‘Sherlock Bones’ and ‘Artoo Dogtoo’, so you pick,” Robert said with a grin running a hand over the puppy’s fur and Aaron’s hand.

“Seriously? You really are a dork, you’re just lucky you’re hot,” Aaron replied with a grin of his own at his husband, bringing Robert’s hand to his mouth for a quick kiss.

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May i request whirl, deadlock and poly cygate finding their short (is 5'2 short??) and chubby human s/o looking at herself in the mirror and quietly muttering 'its not that bad, right?' Or something like that and poking at her tummy? Very fluffy and happy please

time to get back into the swing o things for a little while

Whirl, Deadlock, Poly Cyclonus/Tailgate (MTMTE)

  • Whirl would just watch you for a little bit to see if you did anything else. He’d completely understand where you’re coming from, of course, but the fact that he’s seeing you go through that same insecurity makes him feel… well, it makes him feel. He doesn’t like it. So, he’ll waltz on up to you like his spark didn’t just shatter in its casing, pick you up, and tell you “Who even cares, life is too short to be uncomfortable in the face of perfection. Well human lives are, anyways.” All in all, he’ll do anything in his power to distract you from feeling bad about yourself.

  • Deadlock would stand right beside you and stare at his own reflection, looking at his plating, his optics, his face, and most of all, the deep purple Decepticon brand on his chest. Watching his face, you see something like what you’re experiencing right now. Deadlock is insecure, he’s not sure if he belongs here or not… but he sure as hell isn’t going to let you talk to him about it, not now. He takes a deep, stabilizing breath and shunts his own emotions off, and places a hand gingerly around your body. “’S not bad at all.”

  • Cyclonus and Tailgate would stand and watch, waiting for you to spill the last of your feelings if you so wished. Of course, as soon as you finished, Tailgate would rush over to you and pick you up to tell you that you were the most beautiful “squishy” that he’s ever had the pleasure of knowing, which makes you burst out laughing. Cyclonus would silently approach you two, kneel down, and then wrap you both in a gentle hug. He doesn’t say much else other than “You’re just fine.”

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Can I have a ship with any Eddie character? I'm 5'2, Hufflepuff/Pukwudgie house. I'm a little more on the chubby side, with short (boy hairstyle) dirty blonde hair. I have blue/green eyes (they tend to change) and I have a big love for music. I can actually play 4 different instruments 😂 Thank you!!!!!

I ship you with Stephen Wraysford!

It’s your love of music that intrigues him, he finds it a nice change from the usual things women like in his days. The fact that you’re so accomplished and play many instruments only heightens his desires for you. He watches sometimes, with a small smile on his face, as you create your music and it only serves to deepen his affections. He’s very forward with you, only fueled on by your more shy and quiet side. He will always be by your side, and he is completely loyal.

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Anybody got any tips on how to make a toddler look like a baby?

I spent 3 hours bringing this child in and out of CAS and even when they’re on the resizer they just look odd and out of place and way too big. I’m using a baby skin and makeup but barely any of the body sliders I have work on toddler so I can’t make short chubby legs and arms. How does everybody else do it?

Wren had his 2 year check up today. He weighs 30 pounds and was in the 75th percentile for weight, but only the 28th for height. Sorry kid, blame your short, chubby mama. He also had to get a vaccine today, and he didn’t even flinch! He’s been a little crabby since then though, and he says his leg hurts. 


Last week was our third anniversary - I can’t believe it’s been three years already! Unlike last year, we were together this time (the pains of long distance relationships across borders!) so I wore something pretty to go out for dinner and drinks with my Moosh. We look some photos in Cubbon Park before the light faded and then strolled over to Social for cocktails and the arguably the best poutine in Bangalore. I felt rather festive in my burgundy velvet skirt and snowflake stockings from Tabbisocks - ‘tis the season after all! The best thing about anniversaries around Christmas is how joyous and festive everything is all around. I might post some photos from our Christmas celebrations later - we managed to dish up a full Christmas dinner with all the trimmings but forgot to get any pics of it! In the meantime, I hope y’all are having a joyous, restful and much needed winter break ♥


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Everything about you is lovely.

Your hair (or lack thereof)
Your belly (chubby or flat)
Your eyes (dark or bright)
Your stretch marks (a few or a lot)
Your scars (from accidents or self-harm)
Your moles (big or little)
Your acne (a few pimples or a major breakout)
Your freckles (little ones on your nose or ones all over every single inch of your body)
Your birth marks (small light brown ones or huge dark ones)
Your height (short or tall)
Your weight (a smaller number or a larger number)

All of it.

All of you.

YOU are lovely.

(This goes for girls AND boys. I don’t know where this came from in my mind, it just seemed like something I should share because maybe somebody needed to read it.)


I got new lipsticks and naturally had to try them all on in one day 💁🏻

She had galaxies behind her eyes and meteor showers in the pit of her belly.

So when she told me she loved me, I knew the universe did too 💫