So, a magazine ran a lifestyle story about me, and it’s just printed! I got the photos back, too. This one’s my favorite! You don’t get to see the ones of me dressed up like a jerk.

No, that’s not the throne, but it is a nice chair. One of my favorites!

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Here we go! I meant this to just be a doodle of my haircut (which is actually a bit shorter than I drew it). But I turned into a meet the artist??? I had an actual meet the artist sketched but this works too.

I did my quickly sketchy style cause I didn’t want to go to deep into it

This is the closest I’ll ever do to a face reveal :p


a illustration that i made in my summer vacations of 

Sailor moon 

usagi -serena

 (serena is the name i grow up with in the latin american dub )

i draw her more “chubby” (in fact i draw her in my body shape ,im this fat ) cause i have seen a couple times sailor moon (since i was a kid ) and i think that serena would  be more like this, that  her canon apperance ,besides it looks so good <3

hope you like c: <3