chubbeh bunneh

Youngjae as your boyfriend

When you cook for him.

You know how busy Youngjaes schedule can get, so to make sure he still it’s regularly and healthily cou cook homemade meals for him which he then takes to his workplaces.

Much to the dismay and jealousy of the other members he munches your food for him in the studio, practice room or backstage.

“Mh! This is so good, jagiya!”

What did you put in here? The chicken is perfect Y/N!”

“Wah, seriously, you’re the best cook ever!”

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When he video calls you.

Youngjae misses you whenever he can’t be around you and he hates staying away for a long period of time, so he’ll make sure to call you as often as possible just to see your pretty face or hear your nice voice.

He also loves joking around to make you smile and laugh.

“How have you been, baby?”

“Jagiya, you’re really pretty!”

“Did you have eat? What did you have?”

“Guess what happened today at practice? It was really funny!”

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When he spots you in the crowd.

And BamBam teases him for smiling at you and getting slightly distracted.

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When he’s in the mood.


“Jagi, come here~”

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When he acts cute for you.

Youngjae has natural aegyo and he’s not afraid to show you. Especially when he wants something from you.

“Can I try your food? Please?”

“Oh come on, babe, just one bite?”

“But I’m cute. Share food with me, jagi. Youngjae is hungry~”


“Puing puing.”

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When you guys to the chubby bunny challenge.

Youngjae actually can open his mouth really wide, because he naturally has a big one. So he’d challenge you to play the game with him because he thinks it’s funny how you get frustrated at him for winning.

He wins every goddamn time.

“Chubbeh Bunneh! I’m at eight!”

“You think you can you beat me? I’ve got a big mouth.”

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When he calls for help.

Youngjae gets frightened pretty easily. One of the things are bugs and spiders, he won’t go near them, so he calls you for help.

He always gets super impressed when you don’t waver around and don’t hesitate to catch the small insect or spider which Youngjae was too scared to go close to.

“Wah! Jagi, be careful!”

“You just take spiders on your hand?” 

When you feel mischievous you chase him with it.

“Yah! Go away! Ew! Stop it, help!”

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So i found a dress on Saturday that I think I’m gonna wear to my best friend’s wedding in California in 3 weeks.

It was a huge bargain too! Addition Elle was having a clearance sale and this dress was regular $70, but I got it FOR LESS THAN $5!!!

Also? My new fave thing to eat are potato pancakes made from mashed taytoes. OMG SO YUM.