Hi guys! I hope you dig what I’ve been posting so far. :) I want to personal this place so I think I’m going to jump into by doing this 30 day femme challenge. I found it from the fab femme blogger

Yay! Please do this too if you’re interested because I’d love to read it!

Day 1: Why do you identify as Femme?

Day 2: Describe/take a picture of your favorite Femme outfit.

Day 3: What is your biggest Femme problem?

Day 4: Do you have a Femme community where you live?

Day 5: What is on your current lust list?

Day 6: What is your dream nail color?

Day 7: What is one thing you would tell Femme allies?

Day 8: What beauty products could you never live without?

Day 9: Who is your Femme role model?

Day 10: Do you feel hyper visible as a Femme, or invisible as a Femme?

Day 11: Show us a picture/description of your dream make-up.

Day 12: How did you come to identify as Femme?

Day 13: What is one completely normal everyday thing that you do with a “Femme” twist?

Day 14: How many colors has your hair been?

Day 15: What is your biggest Femme win?

Day 16: Design your perfect lover.

Day 17: What advice would you give to other Femmes?

Day 18: Are body mods part of your Femme lifestyle?

Day 19: What stereotypes do you hate associated with being a Femme?  What stereotypes do you think are true?

Day 20: What is your favorite color glitter?

Day 21: How do your other identities (race, age, sexuality, gender) intersect with your Femme identity?

Day 22: What is something Femme that you would love to do/wear, but haven’t yet?

Day 23: Take a picture of yourself.  How does this picture show your Femme identity?

Day 24: What is the hardest part of being Femme?

Day 25: What does your Femme self like in bed?

Day 26: Do you identify as a hard femme/tough femme?  Why/why not?

Day 27: List your five favorite places to shop.

Day 28: Any creative Femme solutions to everyday problems?

Day 29: Post ten pictures that perfectly define what “Femme” means to you

Day 30: What do you love most about being Femme?