chub bub


My two dogs Izzy(left) Lucy(right) are the most amazing dogs ever we as humans do not deserve dogs and other pets, they are the most amazing and loving creatures ever. They have gotten me through so much by making me happy, if you cry they will be beside you with a smile ready to lick your face to death, if you’re happy they will sit and wait for you to stand so they can dance. We’ve given them so many nicknames over the years they rarely respond to their actual names now we call them chubs(Izzy) and bubs (Lucy). I don’t know where I’d be without them, dogs are too wonderful for human kind but I’m so grateful that I have them 😍😇🐅

There Goes My Life

I tweaked your idea just a tad because I kind of missed that you wanted this to be married!Everlark. Hope you still like it!

“You didn’t drink.”

Katniss groans and glares at Johanna, who is now sitting on the edge of her bed in her hotel room in Puerto Rico. The hotel room she is sharing with Peeta for their last spring break. Peeta, whose life she’s pretty much ruined. And Johanna knows her better than anyone here except Peeta so of course she noticed.

She is an idiot for letting this happen in the first place.  

“Maybe I don’t like margaritas anymore.”

“Bullshit,” Johanna says, but the tone of her voice is a tense mask. She’s clearly nervous, although not nearly as nervous as Katniss herself.  “You were hurling this morning.”

“How do you know?”

Jo shrugs.  “Peeta mentioned it in passing. He was afraid you ate something.”  She eyes her long and hard.  “You’re pregnant.”

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