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//really wants to pet him but is slightly afraid of the blonde one//


((Even though the M!A asks is complete, technically, he hasn’t reverted into human yet so…. -w-


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What do you use for animations?

I draw all of the frames in Paint Tool Sai and then put them all in a program known as ‘Asesprite’ which is technically a spriting program, but i use it to make regular animations as well. It has many options on what format you want to save the file as and other neat features, it’s pretty easy to use too.

The Log Horizon 4koma Anthology is a compilation of 4-panel strips about comedic takes on the LH guilds’ daily lives. Although this book is official, the comics are drawn by fanartists (other than Nyanta’s Fortune Recipes artist Sou Chu), and the contents may or may not be canon. offers a kindle version. It was a little tricky, but I managed to buy myself a copy. Here’s how:

  1. Obtain a Japanese address. This might be the trickiest part. I already was buying doujinshi using tenso, so I had an address with them. It’s free to register with tenso, but they do ask for ID verification. The only other site I could find was OPAS which charges $25 for registration, though supposedly this guy’s referral link will waive the fee. Alternatively, you could try faking one, although I can’t guarantee it’ll work.
  2. Sign up on You might have to write your name in katakana in the “name pronunciation” box. If you don’t know katakana, you can try this tool.
  3. If you already have an amazon account in other countries, you might need to use a different email address. I tried a variant of my gmail address, which seemed to work.
  4. Go to your account settings and set up your Japanese address in domestic address. If you’re using tenso, the prefecture is Tokyo-to, and you’ll have to split the address in half after “TS”.
  5. Set up 1-click ordering with credit card information. You can use a credit card from any country and the billing address should be your real one.
  6. Download the Kindle app. 
  7. Click the “shop in kindle store” page in the app and go back to the book entry. If it’s still not available, there should be a link “Manage My Contents and Devices”.
  8. Click the link, go to device settings and change the country. I had to reenter my tenso Japanese mailing address.
  9. I was able to buy and download the ebook at this point. If you still can’t, you might have to use a VPN for a Japanese IP.

I only used the PC Kindle app so I don’t know how it would work with actual kindle devices. If you want to try that, this thread might be useful.