icecreammac replied to your photosetMS paint bird gives art advice that’s a bit rudely…

“Fuck anyone who says you’re art is bad”, but you’re also a “coward” if you draw big-hipped characters without large bellies…

The use of “coward” has nothing to do with the person’s art or skill, but rather how afraid people or should i say the general media, is when it comes to making characters they claim are fat or chubby. Soooo often do i see people who draw characters with wide hips, big legs or other chubby parts, but the rest of the character’s body does not fit with it. If one part of the body is chubby, then the rest of it would likely naturally be it too, it’s simple anatomy.

It’s a matter of people being cowardly when making characters that are meant to be big built but not having the guts to go all the way, when in fact nothing is stopping them. Sure, you can stylize and break rules as you please but people need to understand them in the first place to break them, also there are so many artists that excuse their art faults on “stylistic choice” or simply that it isn’t appealing to them. Breaking what is simple anatomy apparently is appealing on the other hand, only breaking the rules so people can create things that doesn’t make sense.

If you do one thing, you should follow with the rest. If you make one part chubby, follow with the rest. Keep things consistent and make the design make sense. Or keep on contributing to what is already seen so commonly everywhere in art and media today.

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a snippet from the Lost Book of the White for V-day

The two of them went straight for the bed, kissing and pulling and stumbling over each other, nearly falling over in the process. They tumbled onto the mattress in a tangle and clawed their way toward the headboard, hands in each other’s hair, on each other’s bodies, stirring each other to incandescent life.

Magnus tore himself away from Alec’s lips and yanked futilely at the knots that kept the bedsheet looped around the Shadowhunter’s body. “How did you tie this thing on?” he growled. 

Alec, lips kiss-swollen and eyes dazed with desire, didn’t seem able to respond — he just went for the buttons on Magnus’ shirt with shaking fingers before eventually giving up and just tearing the garment apart down the middle, sending buttons flying across the room. Finally, more out of frustration that expediency, Magnus flicked his wrist at the bedsheet as if shooing away a fly and sent the entire thing fluttering somewhere over the Indian Ocean.

Alec raised his head to watch the sheet disappear. When he looked back at Magnus, the warlock was gazing down at him with a deep seriousness in his gold-green eyes.  “You spend your entire life looking out and sacrificing for people,” Magnus said, and his gentle fingers traced their way along Alec’s bare torso, making him shiver. “It’s your turn to just lay back and relax …”

— from THE ELDEST CURSES, cowritten with Wes Chu

  • Victor: the check please.
  • Yuuri [takes out wallet]:
  • Victor [credit card ready]: let me do it, honey.
  • Yuuri: you always pay for our dates, let me take care of it this time.
  • Victor: just let me pay for the meal.
  • Yuuri: why is it always like that with you. Always telling me what to do and then-
  • Victor: I wouldnt have to tell you what to do if you only knew what you're doing.
  • Phichit [knocks down a door]: shut the fuck up before one of you says some shit you'll both regret.
  • Phichit [swipes his card and pay]:
  • Phichit [leaves]:
  • Yuuri: I'm sorry, i didn't mean to call you bossy.
  • Victor: the fault is mine, I'm always doing stuff for you.
  • Yuuri [turns around]: you do know we can see you.
  • Phichit [disguising as wallpaper while recording]: don't mind me, I'm a wall.