chu chu jelly


“I Remember when we were younger, we had went into the Milk Bar without others noticing. and we put Chu Chu jelly slime all over the seats and then hid in the corner. Since Chu Chu jelly is sticky whoever sat on it ended up ripping their pants as they stood up. After I got home my mother already heard of what was going on. I was covered in Chu Chu jelly. I even had a glob in my hair. Mother was very upset and scolded me for hanging out with Cremia.”

As Zelda fans will know, Chu Jelly is an edible bottle item in some of the newer Zelda titles. The jelly is obtained by defeating Chus or ChuChus, a sort of blob-like enemy which usually hangs out in dark damp areas like caves and dungeons.  Different color Chu Jellies do different things, but typically restore Link’s magic or health. Yellow Chu Jelly can be used as lantern oil, and is a life saver for our boy Link if he is stuck in a dark place. I’ve decided to go with a homemade jello recipe, including fruit juice to act as a sort of healthy restorative and tonic water to make the jelly UV reactive. This is definitely one of the easiest recipes to put together. Seriously, a creepy mentally stunted man-fairy could do it. However, it requires purchasing a suitable bottle for better accuracy and fun. You can find many different kinds of glass bottles online, I suggest finding one on Etsy. Or you could, I dunno, find some “special chickens” for a dude that looks suspiciously like Mario, but really Etsy is way easier. Also, in order for the jelly to glow when exposed to a black light, tonic water is needed. Tonic water has a bitter taste, so it can be substituted with regular water if taste is bigger priority to you than UV reactive jelly. 


3 cups Fruit Juice (I used Passionfruit but any juice will do, Apple will make it more transparent) 1 cup Tonic Water (regular water can substituted if you don’t want the bitterness, but tonic water will make the jelly glow in a black light!) Food Dyes (the colors of the Chu Jelly you want to emulate) 4 packets Gelatin Honey or other sweetener (optional) A glass pitcher or funnel Directions Make sure you have all your ingredients ready and accessible, because we are working with hot liquid and time-senstive gelatin. Bring your juice and tonic water to a boil. If you are adding sweetener to the mix to mask the tonic taste, add it as it boils. After the liquid has reached a boil, SLOWLY stir in the gelatin with a wooden spoon, careful not to add too much at once or it may clump. Pour the liquid into the pitcher. Add the liquid from the pitcher to your bottles. If you are using a funnel, funnel the liquid directly into your bottles. Add a few drops of the food coloring you want for that particular bottle into the liquid, and stir until the color is consistent throughout the bottle. Once the bottles look right, refrigerate them for about two hours or until the jelly has become a more jelly-like texture. Your can eat your jelly with a spoon, or you can stir the jelly up, add a small amount of additional juice, and drink it like Link. Also, no one tells you in the game, but Chu Jelly tastes totally great with whipped cream. Whip yourself up some Lon Lon cream and put it on top! 

doitdoit-chu  asked:

well in this moment 33*media*tumblr*com/9250fcac781ea94af1af48a71205b4ad/tumblr_inline_o5pwo8gbHH1slkxu4_500*gif chanyeol suho and xiumin actually looked at kai after ks said ' insungie hyung' :)

yes yes indeed they stole a glance at kai when kyungsoo said ‘insungie-hyung

pcy took a glance at jongin before he looked at kyungie

suho did it too, then he looked at pcy and then at kyungie

xiu too, then he looked back at the front

and this was kai’s face when ksoo mentioned ‘insungie hyung’


Let’s talk about Chu Chu!

Yes, okay, so the dub calls those “liquid yogurt packets”, right? However, originally these are identified as “Chu Chu Jelly” (it’s even written on the packet). And what’s that, exactly? Basically, Gatorade in jelly form, like this real life equivalent:

Energy replenishment in liquid jelly form! Very important after exercise and before beating up some bad guys. This is why Iori and his grandfather drink them after kendo practice. This is also why Upamon and Poromon both get ridiculous hype after consuming them in episode 3.

The more you know!