chtonic deities

  Dionysus, god complicated and fascinating. Dionysus as a chtonic deity is very close to mother earth, that is Demeter and her dark daughter Persephone, in some myths Dionysus appears as consecutive lover of these two deities, in some other ancient narrations he’s the son of Demeter or Persephone. Truth is that Dionysus is the closest deity to Zeus himself, sometimes they are one and the same. In some very ancient variations of the myth Dionysus is Hades himself. Primordial totem animals of both Dionysus and Zeus are the bull and the snake, both animals present in mediterrenean life. Another name of Dionysus is Bacchus or else Iacchus, signifying the strong connection of the god with vegetation, he’s the seed that keeps on being regenerated, he’s also the pomegranate seeds that Hades gives to Persephone to eat so she’ll return to the underworld, so she stays there one third of the time of each year.

Dionysus with his alter ago, the holy child Iacchus, 5th century B.C.