Ilford Films advert issued 1953 by mikeyashworth

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<br />What a spendid colourful and arresting image issued for Ilford Films, of Ilford in Essex, for the 1953 Coronation Year using the Guards as the visual play against the stark and highly recognisable colour coded design of the company's roll film boxes. The Ilford Comapny is still with us, dealing in photographic material, although no longer based in the Essex town whose name they bore from 1902 (and to which the local council got the hump!). Based now in Chshire the concern goes back to 1879 as a maker of photographic plates so it has as long a pedigree as rivals such as Kodak. No agency or designer is credited - pity really. Mind you, how many times can you get the word 'Ilford' into one advert!

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Jay/Roy for #14!

Answered your call for a pick-up from a drunken party even though you’re my brother’s friend and I’ve only met you once because it sounded like you really needed to get out of there AU


Dick is an asshole.

He’s a heavy-sleeping, cereal-guzzling, number-giving, inconsiderate fucking asshole. One who has asshole friends who he gave Jason’s number to for some reason, who then get royally fucked at ass-o’clock in the morning and then proceed to call him to bail their ass out of trouble because Dick really lives up to his fucking name and slept through all the calls. Maybe because he isn’t the one who has to be awake at 6 frikkin am to go to a lecture.

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