Post Tweet-up venom.

I never say a thing about it. I roll my eyes or mumble a “Thank God…” when I discover I’ve slept through most of it.

But here’s my unsolicited two cents…

It annoys me to no end when any time a woman or women at tweet ups let loose and have a great time, maybe getting drunk, getting on the dance floor and tearing it up, generally having an amazing time… gets VILIFIED in social networking not a few days later.

But guys show up in photos in various states of the same behavior and the tags are “Great guy” and “hilarious!”

It disgusts me that I may never see great people again in any forum, in person, or even online, because they were ran off by snarky, insecure jerks.

It takes a lot to attend these events. Breaking through that fourth wall means exposing yourself and laying your vulnerabilities on the table. The control we meticulously maintain on our blogs is gone to a harrowing extent.

There is no edit before posting feature in real life.

I’ve seen people crippled by agoraphobia, general anxiety, depression, and loneliness at these. People who took big steps and quietly take or get credit for it.

Sure, there is a share of party animals, couples, the fun loving, but mainly, I see those looking for that outside connection they don’t get at home.

I see people looking for an escape, looking for love, looking for fun, looking for new friends, looking for a reminder they are not alone in their quirks, passions and fears. I wish there were enough hours in the day to tell you all how brave, funny, and sweet you are. But here’s the thing.

There is so many of you. :)

If you consider deleting your Tumblr and withdrawing from this community because of someone’s nastiness, (especially those who were NOT EVEN there,) remember something: These are people that envy your bravery and spirit.

So, If you want to attack someone or spread rumors for the sake to quell your own insecurities, ask yourself one question before you hit POST:

What the hell is missing from YOUR life?

Now, if you excuse me, I have some cats doing silly things I need to heart

Chicago has been pretty good to this lovely lady and me. Before the Main Event last night, we visited Black Dog Gelato. I had strawberry basil gelato, and it was life-changingly good- but still only the second best thing about yesterday.

I can’t imagine my life without Sarah now. And frankly, I sure as hell don’t want to.

So, for absolutely no reason at all, thisistheglamorous and I threw together a map of some things to do and places to go to hangout, eat, shop, get coffee or whatever, if anyone coming into town for CHSH this weekend is looking for ideas (and run on sentences).

I know most people plan on just hanging out and staying warm, but it’s here in case anyone new from out of town wants to look around Chicago.

Some things are close to CHSH HQ, some are further out in the neighborhoods. And, full disclosure, a lot of this is obviously based on stuff we personally like to do (brewery tours! record stores! food stuff!) but there’s plenty of other stuff as well, including the usual suspects like the museums and Willis Tower.

Like, Logan Hardware is not just a record store, they also have a room full of free-to-play vintage arcade games for customers.

Or if you’re super brave there’s Winter Walking Tour–they supply heated coats, you make sure you’ve got the long underwear (I’m looking at you Cary Jo).

Cermitas Puebla has a new location and is a great place to get some decently priced kick-ass Mexican sandwiches. Watershed Bar looks just like your grandma’s 1960s basement and is a super relaxed place to grab a drink. Or if you’re looking for a good old fashioned neighborhood dive bar not too far from the hotel, there’s the Shamrock Club.

So, check the map out or don’t, but either way, have a good weekend and stay warm everyone. OK? 


Good talk.