My first hand shaped and polished rocks ever! a beautiful slab of dark green Chrysoprase formed into a smooth tear drop and a lovely piece of Australian natural Opalite shaped into a fat round tear. 

It was my first time using grinders and buffers and I enjoyed it so much! I’ll get a better photo of these when I charge my camera as this photo doesn’t do these two justice.

Chrysoprase is sometimes referred to as “Australian Jade” due to its resemblance to Burmese imperial jadeite. The best chrysoprase is said to come from the Marlborough area of Queensland, but these translucent blueish green stones from the Yerilla deposit in Western Australia are exceptional.

The deposit is located some 100 miles north of Kalgoorlie and has been mined sporadically since 1995. The chrysoprase at Yerilla occurs in swarms of green throughout an ironstone caprock. It is found as ellipitcal pods from a few centimetres in length to longer seams of up to one meter in long. Veins of white to grey chalcedony and bright green chrysoprase along with nodules of white magnesite are intertwined in gem bearing layers. Antigorite, quartz, and magnesite specimens are also present.

etsyfindoftheday 2 | 12.18.14

theme thursday: geometric gift finds
price point: under $50

OOAK hammered geometric gold + chrysoprase long necklaces by fadeintotheabstract

oh. my. goodness. these minty green chrysoprase gems are made even more gorgeous by their complementary hammered gold ‘outlines’ — i’d love to rock any one of these one-of-a-kind beauties.