Sketch- $5 // Lines- $7 // Color- $10

One character per image. Sorry.

Waist Up/Knee Up:

Sketch- $10 // Cleaned Colored  Sketch- $15

Couples are +5. Max two characters per image.


Sketch- $15 // Cleaned  Colored Sketch- $20

Couples are +$10. Max two characters per image.

If you’re interested in commissioning me, please shoot me an email at with the title “commission”. We’ll discuss everything about the commission through there. Thanks!



So I haven’t been able to get a job at all because of my shoulder. I’m opening up commissions to try and bring in money so we can pay bills, as we’re currently broke and Theo only works 20 hours a week at $7.25 an hour.

This is my job for right now and I’m trying to support myself and pay bills. We’re behind on a bunch of them, so we need as much money as we can get. If you don’t want art, please consider just donating directly to my paypal or donating here.

Experimental Busts - $10 each (will probably color)

Halfbody / Waist Up Sketch - $10 for Single / $15 for Couple 

Halfbody / Waist Up Color - $20 for Single / $35 for Couple

Fullbody Sketch - $35 for Single / $45 for Couple

Fullbody Color - $50 for Single / $65 for Couple

If you’re interested, please send my an email with your request to My paypal is, so all payments will go there. If you can’t donate/ commission me, you can help by spreading this around. Thank you!

I have two commissions I need to be working on, but I couldn’t make myself draw on themmmm. So I did a quick warm-up sketch to get myself into gear. Decided on fanart of one of my favorite characters from a webcomic I’m reading called Prague Race. His name’s Toska and I can’t even with him.

I intended for a different expression, but then I kept having to fix his face and the original one turned into this. I still think it’s cute, though. I love his nose and his little tail and UGH.

Got some more art of Cam for you guys. I’ve been working in this since 12. /crying

Wanted to try drawing the bab from the side and I feel like this one came out better than the last. Also, now with added scarf that he wears pretty much all the time. 

[EDIT] Something weird was going on with the color on his face, so i had to fix it. 

[EDIT II] Fixed his face a little more to make it look skinnier. Hopefully he looks more like the Cam in the last picture I drew.

Finished my first commission! I was told I was allowed to post is as long as I removed her and her girlfriend’s names. She also asked for a version with the overlay and without it. I’m actually feeling pretty good about this one! c:

Added the coat last minute by request.