she says, that i should have got her dostoyevsky
instead of guevara—a chirp of starling, backbone
of a geisha, color of padum valley, aroma of an
extinguished candle: spaces write themselves

in the basement, within a furlong; nothing is purer
than a widow’s water-filled eyes, they leave alchemy
behind and i see—remains of the dead in ganges,
if they are a sweet balm to this sal circular time.

“no further than late chrysanthemums”

most people don’t want to believe in ghosts, they just want to spend all of there time eating chinese takeout on sunday afternoons. msg is just a myth and it was created by white people. red chrysanthemums are hardly there and then they are there, they bloom with full force right in front of bystanders noses. no one will know the truth until you dip your finger in spit then stick your pinky hands into the electrical socket.   

a concept: silena and ethan being friends at camp. like. can u imagine

ethan doesn’t really have that many friends at camp, and silena just. notices? like. she sees ethan sitting a little ways away from everyone else at the Hermes table at dinner, and she thinks it must be a little lonely to be at the most raucous table in the whole mess hall and still be alone. so she comes up to him, asks him to work with her during the upcoming game of capture the flag, and he gives her the barest hint of a smile. it’s enough answer for her.

silena does her best to braid flowers in ethans hair (“chrysanthemums,” she declares, thrusting a basket of them into his hands. “purple ones, for support and friendship”) even though both of them know it’s too short. it takes hours, and there are probably only a few scattered petals balanced on his head by the end of it, from where silena accidentally ripped the flowers in half in her frustration, but that’s okay

true to her promise, they pair up together for capture the flag, even though they aren’t technically supposed to because they’re from different cabins, but everyone pretends they don’t know about their alliance. but they’re such a good team that they end up winning, and that’s when everyone else calls them out on cheating. (it’s the first time silena gets called a traitor and the first time ethan gets called a liar, and maybe it’s just the campers’ idea of poking fun, but ethan snarls, “don’t call her something she isn’t,” and silena snaps, “I don’t want to hear anyone talking about him like that.”)

eventually ethan tells silena about how he’s afraid he’ll never get claimed and won’t be remembered and she pulls him close and promises him that she’ll remember him, even if no one else will. and she’s the first person he’s trusted so wholeheartedly in a while, so he pulls her close, breathes in the familiar scent of her expensive perfume, and she lets him

when ethan leaves to look for the Titan Army, silena tries to stop him. of course she does. she tells him it’s not the right path to follow, tells him it’s too dangerous, that the Titans are too volatile, but all he says is, “as if the gods aren’t?” and laughs, maybe a little hollowly. she can’t stop him, but she wants to, she wants to. and ethan is going to miss her, too, and so he asks her to join with him. (in the future, her refusal isn’t going to mean anything, but they don’t know that yet.)

true to her promise, she remembers him, until they meet again, with him as kronos’ lieutenant and her as kronos’ spy. that’s when she starts to forget.

Process Video for ‘Queen’s Eye’

Note: This was traced from a doodle I did in a notebook, and I didn’t like the flower on top (which you see in the beginning of the video). So I decided to change it, and the wings, to a black chrysanthemum  because I wanted the image to have a darker feel. 👌👌👌👌👌

Song is ‘Busy Beat’ from the YT Audio Library