Today is my 23 birthday, I wasn’t going to announce this, but this morning my mom found a monarch chrysalis washing the lettuce the neighbor gave her. That’s too good a coincidence not to share.

Right now it (on its leaf) is propped up on the back porch in a hastily made shelter of a stapled-together window screen and a tupperware bottom. Not the prettiest butterfly house ever, but I think it will do. I’m not sure how far along this fellow is or if they’re even viable after being harvested, driven around, and rinsed, but we’ll see. It’s pretty late in the year… I think I’ll find a spot indoors for it, so it can pupate a smidge quicker and maybe get out of here before the frosts fall.

What if Fae dragons are like bugs. They start out as teensy tiny little snakes, then they form a chrysalis, and then they finally emerge as the glorious butterfly-dragons we know and love.

SIRIUS/XMU :: Aquarium Drunkard Show (Noon EST, Channel 35)

Danger Mouse is the selector, sitting in with Justin, DJing the full two hours of the AD show this week.

SIRIUS 450: Jean Michel Bernard – Générique Stephane ++ Curtis Knight w/ Jimi Hendrix – Happy Birthday ++ Indian Jewelry – Hello Africa ++ John Cale – Gideon’s Bible ++ Margo Guryan – California Shake ++ Apache Sun – Club Noir ++ Jungle – Slave Ship ++ Gene Clark – Strength of Strings ++ Wand – Melted Rope ++ Chrysalis – Piece of Sun ++ Chocolat – Burn Out ++ Death & Vanilla – The Optic Nerve ++ Bike – Enigma Do Dente Falso ++ Big Search – Distant Shore ++ PRO – Blacky Joe ++ The Gods – Baby’s Rich ++ Billy Nicholls – Brings Me Down ++ Maybird – Big Sun Explosion ++ The Field – Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime ++ Maus Haus – You Made My Radar ++ Sam Cohen – Pretty Lights ++ The Babe Rainbow – Planet Junior ++ Wampire – Wizard Staff ++ Octopus – The River ++ Morgan Delt – Barbarian Kings ++ Damon – Song of A Gypsy ++ Beyond The Wizards Sleeve – Creation ++ Kaleidoscope – Let Me Try ++ The Churchills – Comics ++ Michael Holman & GQ Jimmie Jaz – Graffiti Rock ++ Afrique – Kissing My Love


Here are the gold cocoons of the Mechanitis Polymnia butterfly! According to Reddit, there are no metals in the chrysalis. It’s all organic proteins and polysaccharides, like chitin. During formation, the material forms what’s called a multilayer: a series of very thin ordered layers. The spacing between the layers (a few 10s to 100s of nanometers), and the specific properties of the materials that the layers are made of (index of refraction) determine the reflective properties of the stack (multilayer interference). Broad spectrum metallic reflection is often due to a “chirped” structure, where the layer spacing changes with stack depth. That is, the layer spacing might be thicker at the bottom and become thinner towards the top, for example. This phenomenon is called structural color!

TL;DR: Damn, that is some @sixpenceee​ shit!


Horse noises


It all started with that bizarre dream in class… Am I going crazy?


Please make the parodies stop.


Whenever I get to that scene, it always feels like Chloe doesn’t really know what to do when Max expresses how happy she is and how beautiful she looks when she’s smiling, so she just turns around to ‘put on some music’.