chroodles draws

Sneaks on to tumblr after saying I needed to keep away from it to work. 

So this is the layout I’ve been working on for the final hand in. It’s still far from finished but if I stare any longer I think I’ll make it worse :(. Oh did I ever mention I hate layout.. Because I probably have and still do.. 

The Brief is that is a workspace of someone, so I went for a blade runnerish vibe with an illegal robot maker person. 

Merry crappy 5 minute Christmas doodle everybody! I’m sorry I haven’t really been around as much, and honestly I have missed tumblr loads, but I’m still about. This is to all my kotor peeps out there, and if you are not into kotor then still MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

I’m also a little down because I have been with my family for the first time since I’m still in Japan, but I kinda made up for it with sushi, cake and ramen! Kinda..

So yesterday, me and Rosie went to get our visas stamped at the Japanese embassy and after decided to explore London. This resulted in having lots of questions about my Londoness and having a Rosie duckling right behind me. There were many hilarious moments that I’ll probably scribble more of.

Rosie you are not from the North you are from the Midlands.