I can’t stop thinking about food. Idk if it’s the prednisone or what but every twenty minutes Im like ‘can I eat now? Is it acceptable to eat now? Can o eat? What should I make to eat? Am I hungry? Or is it the prednisone? I want ice cream. But am I hungry? Or is it heart burn? Temple soup would be good. Can I eat now? Pasta! Peanut butter and crackers. Is it acceptable to eat now?’ Im loosing my mind.

I think its pretty ridiculous chrons doesn’t get more recognition.. Of course its great for all the research of other illnesses but where’s the awareness for chrons and UC? It really sucks having to see someone I love suffering from it and knowing there’s nothing I can do to help and the people who could potentially make a difference don’t

Ahhhhhh, pretty much how I’m feeling right now.  For the past 3 weeks I’ve had to really cut down on veggies and some fruits.  I hate that because I know that those things are good for you and help you, but for me, and others like me, they freaking HURT!  On the flip side tho, junk food, once again, is a life saver.  This is just plain weird.

For people who think PTSD is something you can “get over” or just “suck it up” can eat my entire ass.

PTSD is actually not just a mental disorder.

It’s a physiological INJURY to the brain. Parts of your brain can literally shrink.

The brain stem, which we share with animals, is our instinct of “fight or flight”.

And for people with PTSD, that part of the brain is constantly under stress. Victims of something traumatizing are on watch, scared and physically upset. Which by itself can be dangerous, but it has long term affects like heart disease, and cancer.

It’s also a chronic condition, just like chrons disease, diabetes, asthma, etc.


I’m  quitting my job.

I cannot, as of today, tell you where I work or what I do. But I can tell you I work in retail and I am quitting.

I am not quitting as a person. I’m not quitting because I need more money. I am quitting because of my ileostomy.

My ileostomy which has never before been a problem until just yesterday when I was written up for not fulfilling my duties.


Because I made a coworker uncomfortable. By just existing.

As many of us do, we let our managers on duty know that we have medical needs that need to be met. I personally will just say “Hey, I got a medical issue, I just use the bathroom more than others, that ok?” to which the normal response is “Sure” and sometimes a question.

Now, if they ask that question, I’m going to tell them it’s an ileostomy bag. If they ask what it is I will tell them.


It’s not my fault she was uncomfortable. It’s not like I went into detail.

I got a write up for it and felt that I was forced to sign because the rest of it I could not dispute against. I went home and filed a report with Ethics and I’m going to file a report to the American Disabilities Act offices (once I find where they are or who to send to).


anonymous asked:

Thank you for the advice, simon!! Im only 19, too young to be this sick. I didn't think about Chrons disease, though! That is worrisome. I hope to be able to goto the doctor soon. Doctors visits are expensive, but I may have enough extra when i get paid. I really do appreciate the advice! I never know what foods will help me feel better.

I am sorry to hear about this.

Firstly, please do look through the internet to see what insurance options are available to you through your state. You are too young. And if you are on a tight budget, there may be options. Please do investigate. I hate the healthcare system here. It makes no sense.

Secondly, GI disorders (particularly to do with autoimmune disorders as Crohn’s is) have been shown to be particularly concentrated in young adults, especially in those who take antidepressants, or other mood altering medications, or even things as innocuous as birth control. Given your age, you should immediately target this for investigation, simply because you are a prime candidate for autoimmune disorders to appear. It escalates if you are on medications.

Thirdly, there is no food that can fix such a thing. You can only keep eating and hoping some of the nutrients are absorbed. If you are a celiac, or gluten intolerant, the cilia in the stomach actually are immobilized and cannot process food. So for the period of about a week, you have to wait for them to heal.

If you can, eat not one thing with wheat, barley, pats, gluten, dextrose, not any thing that is processed in a factory that processes wheat. Cut it out of your diet at once and for a solid month. Read labels. Make sure that you look at things you wouldn’t expect, like soy sauce, grated cheese, shapmoos etcetera. Do it now and be disciplined, because it is the first thing a GI is going to ask of you, and you want to be prepared.

If the illness doesn’t return, we know the cause, and it nothing so terrible, affecting as much as 30% of the human populace. If it doesn’t go away…then it is much more serious.

Kathleen Baker: Olympic Silver Medalist with Crohn's Disease

I haven’t really seen this on Tumblr, so I decided to share it. I’m not going to link an article because most are filled with inspiration porn.

Kathleen Baker is a 19 year old swimmer for Team USA. She just won a silver medal for the Women’s 100 meter backstroke in Rio 2016. She had a very impressive time of 58.75 seconds, just 3 tenths of a second behind the gold medalist. (For perspective, the world record for this event is 58.12 seconds, set in 2009.)

And Kathleen Baker has Crohn’s disease. She barely made it to the Olympic trials, and luckily for her both the trials and her Olympic event have fallen on low pain days. She has lived with this disease for several years, and it has greatly impacted her ability to swim, train, and all aspects of her life.

I’m just really happy to see a fellow spoonie dominating in the olympics.