Ahhhhhh, pretty much how I’m feeling right now.  For the past 3 weeks I’ve had to really cut down on veggies and some fruits.  I hate that because I know that those things are good for you and help you, but for me, and others like me, they freaking HURT!  On the flip side tho, junk food, once again, is a life saver.  This is just plain weird.

Kathleen Baker: Olympic Silver Medalist with Crohn's Disease

I haven’t really seen this on Tumblr, so I decided to share it. I’m not going to link an article because most are filled with inspiration porn.

Kathleen Baker is a 19 year old swimmer for Team USA. She just won a silver medal for the Women’s 100 meter backstroke in Rio 2016. She had a very impressive time of 58.75 seconds, just 3 tenths of a second behind the gold medalist. (For perspective, the world record for this event is 58.12 seconds, set in 2009.)

And Kathleen Baker has Crohn’s disease. She barely made it to the Olympic trials, and luckily for her both the trials and her Olympic event have fallen on low pain days. She has lived with this disease for several years, and it has greatly impacted her ability to swim, train, and all aspects of her life.

I’m just really happy to see a fellow spoonie dominating in the olympics.

College can be a tough thing to manage while battling a chronic illness, but if you are going to school right now even with a chronic illness, I just wanted to give you a thumbs up!! We have to fight so hard just to stay even with our peers and manage the stress of exams and papers on top of our everyday battle of not feeling well.

And if you are too ill to go to school or had to drop out because of illness, you are just as valuable as anyone else. Your health comes first and you have to do what’s going to make you feel better and there is nothing wrong with that at all!

Keep fighting my fellow spoonies, we are all tough as nails! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

I'm so sick

Literally and I’m so sick and tried of this disease. Why can’t I be normal? Why did I have to get this disease? I feel so weak and exhausted all the time. I’m disgustingly skinny. I want to be normal again. I hate this gosh darn disease. It is honestly taking over my life little by little..

I wanted Cymbal Rush to capture the feeling of being suffocated by the arduous nature of everyday life. You know when the pressure gets too much and you’re surrounded by uncaring people in a cold world? The song came to me naturally when I needed to take a shit while waiting in line at the supermarket.
—  Thom Yorke
The Fault In Our Stars (and Crohn's Disease)

A few months ago I fell in love with this book just like a lot of other people and I thought it’d be something cool to share here.  

I won’t get into what the book is about too much because you have to read it for yourself.  What I will say, is that as a Crohnie, it was good to read a book that dealt with similar stuff that we go throw EVEN THOUGH, the main characters have cancer.  We don’t have cancer but we do have a chronic illness that takes us in all kinds of directions and I wanted to see if anyone else out there has read it and what you thought about it.  Did you relate to it?  Did it help you?  Let’s talk.  Leave a comment below and if you haven’t read it, pick up and enjoy!

I’m  quitting my job.

I cannot, as of today, tell you where I work or what I do. But I can tell you I work in retail and I am quitting.

I am not quitting as a person. I’m not quitting because I need more money. I am quitting because of my ileostomy.

My ileostomy which has never before been a problem until just yesterday when I was written up for not fulfilling my duties.


Because I made a coworker uncomfortable. By just existing.

As many of us do, we let our managers on duty know that we have medical needs that need to be met. I personally will just say “Hey, I got a medical issue, I just use the bathroom more than others, that ok?” to which the normal response is “Sure” and sometimes a question.

Now, if they ask that question, I’m going to tell them it’s an ileostomy bag. If they ask what it is I will tell them.


It’s not my fault she was uncomfortable. It’s not like I went into detail.

I got a write up for it and felt that I was forced to sign because the rest of it I could not dispute against. I went home and filed a report with Ethics and I’m going to file a report to the American Disabilities Act offices (once I find where they are or who to send to).


Bubbles ‘n Bowels

Small bowel syndrome (SBS), a disorder characterized by malabsorption of nutrients due to removal of parts of the small intestine, affects roughly 9000 children and 3500 adults in the United States annually. Surgical removal of the intestine is often done in patients with Crohn’s disease, tumors in the small intestine, or some form of injury to the intestine. While necessary for these patients, the procedure can result in the onset of SBS, which can lead to malnutrition, weight loss, diarrhea, and fatigue.

To address this, researchers at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles led by Tracy Grikscheit, MD, are growing small intestine in mouse models as possible replacement intestine for patients with SBS. Here we see the growth of small intestinal organoid units, which researchers demonstrated could be sustained over long periods of time and eventually grown into tissue-engineered small intestine.  

“Tissue-engineered small intestine is considered a promising treatment for short bowel syndrome in the future,” says Xiaogang Hou, PhD, a researcher working with Grikscheit.

Grikscheit and her team have also demonstrated that tissue-engineered colon could be used to generate specialized nerve cells in the gut. More information on the study is available here.

Image courtesy of Xiaogang Hou, PhD, and Tracy C. Grikscheit, MD, The Saban Research Institute, CHLA.