Study: Inhaled Cannabis Reduces Crohn’s Symptoms

(NORML) Inhaling cannabis reduces symptoms of Crohn’s disease compared to placebo in patients non-responsive to traditional therapies, according to clinical trial data published online ahead of print in the journal Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology.

Researchers at the Meir Medical Center, Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology in Israel assessed the safety and efficacy of inhaled cannabis versus placebo in 21 subjects with Crohn’s disease who were nonresponsive to conventional treatments.

Eleven participants smoked standardized cannabis cigarettes containing 23 percent THC and 0.5 percent CBD (cannabidiol) twice daily over a period of eight weeks. The other ten subjects smoked placebo cigarettes containing no active cannabinoids.

Investigators reported, “Our data show that 8-weeks treatment with THC-rich cannabis, but not placebo, was associated with a significant decrease of 100 points in CDAI (Crohn’s Disease and activity index) scores.” (The CDIA is a research tool used to quantify the symptoms of Crohn’s disease patients.) Five of the eleven patients in the study group also reported achieving disease remission (defined as a reduction in patient CDAI score by more than 150 points).

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Ahhhhhh, pretty much how I’m feeling right now.  For the past 3 weeks I’ve had to really cut down on veggies and some fruits.  I hate that because I know that those things are good for you and help you, but for me, and others like me, they freaking HURT!  On the flip side tho, junk food, once again, is a life saver.  This is just plain weird.

Morning stomach aches?

I have crohn’s disease, so it is common to have an uneasy stomach in the morning but it’s  a random event for me. It’s almost like a sour feeling in my stomach/intestinal region. 

This morning I woke up with this awful sensation and decided to eat some yogurt with a nut bar. That seemed to only make it worse.

Does anybody out there experience this? Have you come to any conclusions?

I'm so sick

Literally and I’m so sick and tried of this disease. Why can’t I be normal? Why did I have to get this disease? I feel so weak and exhausted all the time. I’m disgustingly skinny. I want to be normal again. I hate this gosh darn disease. It is honestly taking over my life little by little..

I can’t stop thinking about food. Idk if it’s the prednisone or what but every twenty minutes Im like ‘can I eat now? Is it acceptable to eat now? Can o eat? What should I make to eat? Am I hungry? Or is it the prednisone? I want ice cream. But am I hungry? Or is it heart burn? Temple soup would be good. Can I eat now? Pasta! Peanut butter and crackers. Is it acceptable to eat now?’ Im loosing my mind.

I haven’t been well for a long time.
I awake everyday and suffer silently.
Trying to not draw attention towards my illness.

today I went to the hospital and was poked with needles and hooked up to an IV, all day. It was exhausting and scary and I felt so alone.

The Fault In Our Stars (and Crohn's Disease)

A few months ago I fell in love with this book just like a lot of other people and I thought it’d be something cool to share here.  

I won’t get into what the book is about too much because you have to read it for yourself.  What I will say, is that as a Crohnie, it was good to read a book that dealt with similar stuff that we go throw EVEN THOUGH, the main characters have cancer.  We don’t have cancer but we do have a chronic illness that takes us in all kinds of directions and I wanted to see if anyone else out there has read it and what you thought about it.  Did you relate to it?  Did it help you?  Let’s talk.  Leave a comment below and if you haven’t read it, pick up and enjoy!