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For the fic prompts: Jyn and Cassian attempt to go on a first date but are repeatedly hindered by K-2SO, please? (Can I tell I loved "The Genre Does Not Support This" beyond all understanding?)

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The little air her lungs have managed to hold on to escapes between her lower teeth in a hiss. Jyn inhales sharply, pressing the heel of her hand down against the mattress of her medward bed in an attempt to sit up straight.

“Easy,” Cassian mutters. His hand is an anchor between her shoulder blades, keeping her stable. “The ribs haven’t finished reknitting.”

“Perfect.” Jyn’s gaze darts up accusingly. “No remaining damage to your ribs, I see.”

He doesn’t smile. “None.”

It takes them both a second to look elsewhere, but then Cassian clears his throat. “On the count of three. One, two-”

Jyn sits up. Her hand grips the mattress fiercely.

“…three.”  His brows raise. “You were supposed to wait for my count.”

She tilts her head. He hasn’t moved the hand from her back yet. “Didn’t realize this was so serious.”

“Of course it is.” His eyes don’t move from hers.

Jyn lifts up her chin. Cassian leans forward-


The hand on Jyn’s back flexes lightly. She bites her lower lip. As one, they both turn to the door.

K-2 stands in the doorway. To its chest, it presses a stack of what appear to be datafiles.

“This is not resting,” K-2 observes.

“He’s just helping me sit-”

The droid brushes her off, taking a few, spidery steps into their shared med room. Its arm carefully extends the files to Cassian.

“I prepared strategy analyses to wish you a faster recovery.” Its head quirks up as Cassian stares at the offering. “The algorithms are tastefully arranged.”

Cassian shoots Jyn an amused look, before he nods and takes the bouquet of aggregate data. “I…Sure, K.”

“I will now monitor your recovery.”

“That isn’t necessary-”

“I will now monitor your recovery.”

Cassian stares at the “present” in his hold. Looks past K-2 to Jyn-

K-2 cranes his neck in between them.

“That is not recovery.”

He exhales, knowing a loss when it appears, and withdraws to his own side of the ward.

Jyn smiles to herself on the opposite side of the Imperial barricade between them.

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