This is an Omega Speedmaster Cronograph. - my ‘love’

i’ve always loved watches and people look at me weirdly when i say that’s what i collect… i’m up to 15 at the moment… people don’t get that they are beautiful and it is a love… a love i got from my dad.

we went to visit omega in switzerland while we were on a family holiday.  This is when i found this particular watch - it was love at first sight.  the lady was so lovely and gave me some hard cover books and catalogues in a special omega bag… i’m sure she wasn’t meant to - and i have cherished it ever since.

This is the first thing that i would buy if i sold a script :)

i know it sounds a bit silly… but its something special i can share with my dad,  something that we can share, just the two of us… the rest of my family just don’t understand. 

i believe its the way it makes you feel when you put it on, i have different watches for different occasions and moods.  it doesn’t matter what size or shape you are, anyone looks good in a beautiful watch.

These few next posts are for my dad :) xo