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Okay, so I’m sure that most of you have already noticed that Yuri on Ice used Sara and Michele Crispino as foils to Yuuri and Victor’s relationship in order to show the contrast between their relationships, but I’m not sure whether you guys noticed just how many similarities their relationships have, and they go as far as the actual lines the characters say.

So here’s a post presenting all of their similarities, which make all of their differences stand out all the more. Take it as a sort of compare and contrast activity.

This is gonna get long with all the screenshots I use so let me tease this with the cutest (imo) scene comparison

I shall see you below the cut!

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Clarke & Lexa | I love you [3x16]

So, with some extra free time yesterday, I decided to watch the Richonne movie (95 minutes worth of clips chronologically showing the development of Michonne and Rick’s romantic relationship) all the way through. First off, I highly recommend watching it even if, like me, you’ve never missed an episode and saw something happening between them the first time. 

Watching those clips back to back makes it even more clear that there was an intentional love story being told. Also, in between the drama with The Governor and Rick’s Alexandria meltdown, most of their scenes are pretty light. Michonne is funny and dorky (more like the Michonne in her flashback), Carl seems like a regular kid, Rick smiles a lot.

The one big exception is the time unarmed Rick ripped that claimer’s throat out with his teeth to protect Carl and Michonne. When I first watched, I was so floored by Rick ripping a guys throat out with his teeth that I forgot that as he continued that rampage, the camera panned to and focused on Michonne holding Carl, calmly watching him literally tears these guys apart for trying to hurt his son. And her, too, but I’m sure she was thinking about Carl, and Andre, and how, fair or not, she always felt like Mike should have saved their son by any means necessary. I mean. Rick in that scene is the definition of “by any means necessary.”

I swore to myself that I wouldn’t talk about the dead one again, but that was before I watched the long video. Putting it under the cut for those who don’t want to see mention of it in the tag.

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I want to remind everyone in the miraculous fandom that this show isn’t a show that always goes in a chronological order.

For french tv shows, almost all of them don’t have a distinct order, except sometimes for specials and for season finales. However, french studios prefer the least amount of continuity because they don’t want to have to put out in the episode in a certain order, they want to put episodes out in an order that helps them out the most.

That’s why sometimes the continuity is weird, that’s why some episodes seem like they should come before and after others.

And being mostly a fandom of americans with american tv shows, it’s kind of weird, but as Hawkdaddy said: “You don’t need chronology to show the development of a story and of its characters.”