chronological aging

Dylann presented as remarkably naïve and childlike. Although now 22, Dylann’s physical appearance is more like that of an adolescent in his mid-teens. His interactions are typical, however, of an even younger child. When the evaluator first met Dylann, his childlike presentation was quite jarring in light of the nature of his charges. His naiveté was illustrated by his response when told that the evaluator had met his father. Dylann said, “He’s cool. He’s pretty cool, but he’s not as cool as me.” Likewise when discussing his evaluation with the prosecution’s mental health expert, Dylann said, “Park Dietz doesn’t think anything is wrong with me. He doesn’t think I have autism. He’s my friend.” Former coworkers and his sister also described him as seeming much younger than his chronological age. His mother’s boyfriend told the social historian that “Dylann is a kid, not a man. He seems so young.”

overwatch ages during the uprising

I calculated it so you don’t have to!

Doomfist: 38

Genji: 28

McCree: 30

Pharah: 25

Reaper: 49

Soldier: 76: 48

Sombra: 23

Tracer: 19

Bastion: 23

Hanzo: 31

Junkrat: 18

Mei: biological age: 24 chronological age: 34

Torbjörn: 50

Widowmaker: 26

D.Va: 12

Orisa was not created yet

Reinhardt: 54

Roadhog: 41

Winston: 22

Zarya: 21

Ana: 53

Lúcio: 19

Mercy: 30

Symmetra: 21

Zenyatta: 13

Disabled People and Being Infantilized

“What do you say?” “Say hi to———–” and my name said in a patronizing manner for doing something typical of my age group. I had an adult monitoring my every move for 6 hours every day during the week. One of  the times I hated most in high school was a very, unlikely one. Lunch time. If you get a bunch of teenagers in one room, a lot of chaos happens. At my high school, it did. For everybody else. I was forced to sit at the table behind the Special Ed table where my aid could keep an eye on me. I was 17, not 3. It still angers me to this day that my best friend  couldn’t throw my lunch out for me without my  aid prompting me thank her.  Now we laugh about it, but back then it sparked embarrassment and anger within me. Every social interaction I had was monitored. It was so emotionally exhausting to float between well spoken academic during classes to socially excluded teen in between.  I experienced more ableism in school than I ever  thought was possible.  Just because  my legs do not function properly doesn’t mean my mind is effected.  If I didn’t want to say hi to random people in passing, I shouldn’t have had to! I now realize my unwillingness to conform to their “social goals” was my introversion and not noncompliance like I’d been taught to think. All of these behaviors boil down to one thing and one thing only:

Disabled people being treated as younger than their chronological age IS WRONG AND NEEDS to stop. Because of these behaviors I missed out greatly on being a teen and will never forget that. i will not stand for teens to be babied any longer. NO disabled person should be babied unless they ARE, indeed a baby.

time is synonymous with capricorn. capricorn is the god chronus, and the maintenance of chronological time. many ages can wither the capricorn in one, they are forced to motion backward with time in spirit but progress forward physically. a tragedy with capricorn is discovering their youth when it’s anatomically too late during the deep stages of old age. saturn is the ruler of capricorn and itself ravaged by the destruction of time, rings formed from the dust of collisions and shards of a moon, spinning madly on

Secret Origins #13

It’s time for an origin establishment! While many books did continue where they left off (including New Teen Titans), a lot of fact dropping and origin retellings happened as a lot of changes were happening to characters due to the Crisis. 

So things like ages and backstories were lampshaded heavily, and origins were retold to establish them in the new continuity. 

This is the first of Dick’s origins in Post-Crisis, superseding any information we had from Pre-Crisis where a contradiction occurs. It will not be the last, but later ones are considered retcons, while this one is more accurately an establishment of his Post-Crisis origin. Parts of it will be retconned very soon in Batman during Jason Todd’s new origin. 

We open with Dick and Joey, after Dick chases a flying alien monkey into the sky for metaphorical and symbolism reasons. This takes place on Dick’s 20th birthday, so back around New Teen Titans 18 or 19. Dick and Joey are good friends and Joey is super sweet, so Dick’s going to tell him his entire origin. 

So, uh, apparently ages 0-4 are when nets are appropriate for small children and one you’re 5 you’re old enough to endanger your life. Good to know. Personally, I now understand why young Dick Grayson wasn’t at all weirded out by his new guardian Bruce Wayne chucking him in front of guns. 

In his Post-Crisis origin, Dick is confirmed to have just turned 10 when his parents die. A later retcon might make him even older, but this is the original Post-Crisis establishment and I believe the youngest Dick can be said to have been in Post-Crisis. So if you’re taking notes for continuity and fic purposes, 10 is the youngest you can go. 

Note that this origin lampshades Dick’s temper and rage, implying it started here and that Bruce’s intervention and the origin of Robin is an outlet for that kind of rage. 

The Original Angry Bird - 3

Robin’s debut was just before he turned 11, giving him a solid number of months just in training. Note that at this point Robin is a name that Batman came up with, not Dick himself. One thing later retcons loved to do with Bruce and Dick was really break their relationship and make things bad between them, even though the softer version of their break is honestly perfectly understandable and natural.

Despite their similarities, Dick really doesn’t want to be just like Bruce

Apple Flew Away - 1 

It’s a theme that Dick really doesn’t want to be like Bruce, and will get ridiculously defensive if his friends call him out for acting just like Bruce. He does at times deliberately do things because he’s trying not to become him. This tracker is for when attention is called to his attempts, no matter how successful or unsuccessful they end up being. 

Follow the Leader - 3

Dick reaches the Titans, and from his retelling it’s apparent that Dick saw early on that being a leader and operating separately from Batman was something that fulfilled him. He values his friends and friendships a lot and even if we didn’t know that Dick was going to grow up and away from Bruce, we would suspect just from the way he talks about his time with them. 

In this origin, Dick’s natural growth and independence is the reason that he and Bruce broke apart. Bruce’s expectations for Dick and the implications that Dick is his son and heir are very strong in the issue. 80s Batdad is also pretty strict and his reaction to Dick deciding that he wasn’t ready for college is, uh, pretty overbearing dad-like.

You’re underselling his reaction a little there, Dickie boy. 

Dick basically says that he wasn’t ready for college, his focus was very much on Robin and because he didn’t need to get a degree and earn a living (Bruce has obviously set him up with money and Dick’s probably on his will as his heir at this point, lbr) he has no driving motivation to do it. Dick admits it freely himself, so it’s an interesting perspective on how growing up in Bruce’s household obviously impacted him. He recognizes that he’s fairly privileged and admits it freely. As someone who values his independence and freedom it’s given him the opportunity to do what he loves and remain untethered to things that would limit his freedom. 

Flying Free - 1

As this is his first Post-Crisis origin, this tracker is to keep track of this strong theme and motivation where Dick places primary importance in his life on his independence and freedom, and actively resists being tethered down or someone attempting to override or decide things for him. 

Dick lampshades that the Titans are his true calling. Working solo isn’t the be all and end all, it’s really working in a team environment. Dick is a natural leader and people person who gets fulfillment out of working with others, more than he ever would just running around solo. This is the basis of this character’s growth since Pre-Crisis and the popular flagship Titans runs. It’s is going to be an interesting contrast to see how later writers justify his relative isolation in his solo run in Bludhaven. 

Anyway this is just very sweet and establishes Dick’s romance with Kory and the reason he’s in love with her, which has little to do with her stunning beauty and everything to do with how she lives life. I’m a little choked up. The New Teen Titans really did do a great romance between these two. Dick also hangs a lampshade once again on freedom, on a more metaphorical level, so this is also another example of:

Flying Free - 2

At this point Dick’s origin is a pretty standard re-telling of Pre-Crisis, with tweaks mostly to his age as opposed to actual events. Jason Todd’s origin is coming up very soon, where the Batwriters will slaughter Dick and Bruce’s relationship in the name of drama, as they apparently didn’t like the New Teen Titans’ version, which essentially boiled down to ‘Dick grew up’. Considering the mess that the Batwriters made, I wouldn’t consider their version an improvement. 

anonymous asked:

i really liked your meta about sansa/littlefinger but i found out you ship sansan :/ don't you think that what he's doing to her is at least a little bit abusive? sexually and emotionally? their relationship is SO disturbing and creepy, he's a grown ass man clearly sexually & romantically attracted to an 11/12 year old girl, WHY would you ship it???? i don't understand.

First, thank you for liking my meta.  Here’s the thing… I wrote that meta based on textual analysis and in response to how the book community discusses Sansa’s complicated and conflicting feelings toward LF.  Many people mistakenly believe this is Sansa becoming his protege.  I did not write it with the intention of telling some shippers why they are “wrong.”     

As far as shipping goes, I’m a very ship and let ship person.  This is even when, and especially when, it’s a ship I find weird or distasteful.  I stay in my little sandbox and I don’t pay attention to (let alone try to police) what other people want to ship.  I’m too old to be barking up that tree.  I’d rather spend time writing metas or my own fanfic.  Now if I actually am going to argue with anyone on the internet, it’s going to be about the actual ASOIAF text with evidence to back up my position.  Even then I’m highly unlikely to seek out such a debate but on a rare occasion some land on my doorstep.  So…

As to your questions, let me start with the age issue first.  Let me be clear in real life such a relationship would be criminal and immoral, as it should be.  But this is a fictional world where there are vastly different ideas of what is age appropriate.  Remember, the proper way to raise your seven-year-old boy is to take him to a beheading and make him watch everything without flinching (and that’s from our beloved Ned).  I have yet to meet anyone who cried child abuse over this or stopped reading at that point.  So I don’t put too much emphasis on chronological age in questions of morality in the series.  

What I do look at is Sansa’s level of maturity and understanding of relationships and sex.  I do care about her agency.  I don’t ship Sansan (or ship her with anyone) in the early books because she’s still mentally a child and an abused prisoner of war.  I want her to come to her own decisions about what she wants at her own pace, on her own terms.  The good news is GRRM does too.  He rightly separated them at the night of the Blackwater to evolve independently, but parallel to one another.  Alayne II in AFFC is my favorite chapter of this transition to womanhood and maturity, contemplations on sex and love from a young woman’s perspective. 

 I would highly recommend this non-shipper essay on Sansa’s Sexual Maturation by sweetsunray that deals with the unkiss and Sansa figuring out what she wants. (pssst!  It’s Sandor).  A large part of her struggle is coming to accept the fact that what she does want is not the ideal as she always believed it would be.  The books are full of people just wanting who they want and it has nothing to do with the ideal standards.      

Do I think Sandor is abusive to Sansa? Like Joffrey and Littlefinger are abusive toward her?  No.  Definitely not.  I think he was at times impatient and frustrated with her superficiality, naivete, and immaturity.  He’s too uncompromising and overly harsh at times with the truth as he sees it.  Yet, Sansa is not afraid to challenge him when he’s being awful.  She is totally afraid of saying the wrong thing in front of Joffrey or Littlefinger.  

The only reason Sandor cares at all about her is that she cared first.  She responded to his secret, his vulnerability with compassion.  For once in his life, someone took his side after the system rewarded his brother and failed him.  It’s not at this point anything romantic or sexual for either of them.  He responds to her compassion by being protective and supportive through her abuse.  She reawakens in him a desire to be better.  He’s a jaded idealist, not a nihilist.  He does seek out her attention because he does crave a connection with someone, even if he can’t people around her.   He doesn’t want the intimacy to end because of his loud and clumsy mishandling.  He’s also frustrated with himself that he even wants a connection in the first place because he hates/fears the vulnerability that comes with it.  He’s a ball of conflicting emotions about her that he has no experience in how to sort out.  It’s very important that Sandor is written as someone who is as inexperienced in relationships as Sansa.  It levels the playing field between them.    

It’s not until Sansa has obviously started developing into a woman that he even notices her in that way (because the whole castle has).  He’s very drunk and he blurts out the inappropriate comment about her body.  It’s a very bungled attempt at flirting coming from someone who is also very emotionally stunted.  BUT… after talking with her he realizes that mentally she is still very innocent.  He knows it’s wrong, so he backtracks out of there as fast as he can, falling into an awkward silence.  That is the very worst of anything sexual that actually happens between them and he backs off.  Even the night of the Blackwater he is very drunk and his behavior is scary and wildly inappropriate, but it never crossed the line into permanent damage.  He never actually did anything sexual to her. He also could have forced her to go with him, but he did not.  She made her choice, it hurt, but in the end, he respected her decision to not go with him.  Do I think maybe he wanted to kiss her?  Yeah, probably.  But he didn’t.  He is not Gregor.  He is not a rapist.  He cares about her autonomy.  He cares about her consent even if he kind lost his mind (from trauma) for a minute there which he really, really regretted.  

This all says problematic to me, not creepy.  There are issues to overcome.  Good!  Bring it on!  That makes a story.  Littlefinger is creepy.  He totally does not care about her consent, boundaries, or discomfort to say the very least.  Men of all different ages have groped her, forced kisses on her, stripped her, beat her, and have attempted to rape her.   

If you don’t ship Sansan that’s totally fine by me.  If it doesn’t speak to you, that’s cool.  Ship and let ship.  I will say Sansa x whoever shippers are probably going to be very disappointed come TWOW.  All the mountains of text evidence point to future Sansan.  I got a huuuuuge meta coming out soon that deals with all that complete with tons of evidence to back up my analysis. Bottom line, I ship future Sansan because GRRM ships it and Sansa ships it.  Whatever makes that baby girl happy I want her to have.  The good news is when the author reunites them it will be when they are both really ready and have dealt with the respective issues that made an earlier relationship a terrible idea.                             

Character development questions

So these are my personal questions i like to ask myself to get a full breadth and scope of a character’s personality. Your milage may vary, but I encourage you to think about why I ask these before you answer offhand. There will be questions on sex an shit so just ignore if you don’t like that- It’ll be right at the end for easy skipping. This whole things going under a readmore b.c its long as shit.

If you have any staple questions you like to ask that I don’t, tack them on the bottom please!!

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Lloyd’s Chronological, Physical, and Mental Age

Chronological (during Rise of the Snakes):

Chronological (NS6-7):


Mental Age:

So, from what I’ve gathered:

Chronological: Lloyd was 9-11, and is now in his early-teens (13-14?).

Physical: Lloyd’s physically the same age as the ninja (late teens), but somehow hasn’t gone through puberty yet. I guess the tea literally caused him to skip it.. until NS8′s time-skip.

Mentally: Lloyd’s mental age was not affected by the Tomorrow’s Tea, and grows with experiences, and is 15ish.

Here’s to the LEGO Ninjago Movie for keeping things simple.

Does anybody else feel like their emotional/mental age is younger than their chronological age? I’m curious about this topic, because my therapist seems to think that is the case with me. She seems to think I have about a 4 year mental age lag which wouldn’t make me 21 but 16 instead emotionally and mentally. I think I agree because it makes sense why I’m still very immature for my age and why I’m not in tune with things other people that are 21 are doing… but I was curious. Do you think this is actually a thing or am I just being told a load of hooey?

szejg  asked:

How about Sakuya?

For every day that passes, Sakuya may have experienced three or four. She spends a large amount of time - or rather, no time at all - with time stopped, allowing her to clean the enormous Scarlet Devil Mansion while taking as many breaks as she likes, working at her own pace. She therefore lives a very private life in her world without time, and she doesn’t seem to find it lonely at all. Much of her time (or, again, no time at all) is spent relaxing or reading, but occasionally she may go for walks in the peaceful, frozen world before heading back.

Not only is Sakuya much older than she appears, but the actual number of years she has effectively experienced is far greater than her chronological age.


Happy 26th Birthday Aaron Ramsey  ❤️

anonymous asked:

How old are the volturi members and their guards? I'm terrible at math.

Nobody knows, anon. SM, wanting us to work on our math skills, made the Guide as ambiguous as possible. I’ll try and compile all we’ve got, with some screenshots from the Guide as presentation aids. 

Aro: Aro is roughly 3300-ish years old, and either in his twenties or forty. I report, you decide. 

Caius: Caius is actually in his forties, and at least 3400-ish years old.

Marcus: Marcus is a teenager, because of course he is. How else could he understand Bella and Edward’s love? He’s somewhere between Caius and Aro in terms of chronological age. 

Athenodora: Nobody knows a damn thing about her. I mean, she’s old, but that could be “around Caius’ age” or “5500 years old”. 

Sulpicia: Somehow, a woman with the most Roman of names was created roughly around 1100 B.C.E, or earlier. Y’know. Centuries before Rome existed.(Sulpicia was around while Didyme was alive and Didyme died near 1100 B.C.E, going off of Chelsea’s transformation date.) 

The rest of the nonsense goes under the cut. 

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The Intersection of Two Spectrums
Autism and Gender
By DebraLobel

We are currently in the process of legally changing Tammy’s name, and our Rabbi is creating a special name-change ceremony for her. At the chronological age of 16, she must start taking female hormones to make sure her bones stay strong. Tammy will go through puberty at the developmental age of 8, creating the most challenging lifestyle process we’ve had to face.

There is not much information about children on both the Autism and Transgender spectrums. With Tammy’s permission, I will continue sharing her story as well as our journey as a family.

This is the story of a child neglected by the foster care system, adopted by two middle-aged lesbians, overcoming mental and physical disabilities, who also happens to be transgender. 

Anna Analyzes: Chronological De-ageing

In which Anna discusses the implications behind what we saw the Chronological De-ager accomplish in the episode ‘Backward to School Night’

We all saw that part where the science class skeleton came to life when zapped right? That has some interesting implications; both for the school (having an actual skeleton) and in our understanding the device.

Cavendish says it reduced their ages 90%, and Milo says their parents are all three. Dakota doesn’t look older than five, so that mulches my original age estimations.

[However, I got a good reference for Cavendish’s height, (originally estimated as 6'7" based on the assumption that Milo was 5’ even, but now that I’ve seen him stand in a doorway I think he’s actually 6'5" and Milo’s 4'10")] 

Back to Chronological de-aging; Dakota zapped a bookcase too, and turned it to a living tree… which that alone would have showed that you can restore non-sentient life with said device…

Then he zapped the skeleton. And the entire game changed. They brought a dead guy back to life, one who seemed to know that he had died. If the 90% de-aged thing applies to him too, he didn’t die all that long ago. (30ish years, give or take)

I mention this because it was actually legal to have a human cadaver as a learning tool (bones and skeletons etc.) in medical schools like 100 years ago, but they outlawed that after some medical students actually started digging up cadavers.

You could get someone to donate their body to science or whatever and their skeleton could be used in this manner. But that has long since no longer been the practice.

Basically what I’m saying is that Jefferson County Middle School had an illegal human cadaver this whole time (hopefully without their willful knowledge of said fact) of a guy who didn’t die long enough ago for his skeleton to have been a legitimate donation of a cadaver to a medical institution

(who wouldn’t have been able to legally give said skeleton to anything other than another medical institution, so he had no business winding up in a middle school)

So there have been a few felonies that have been uncovered by the fact that we’ve got confirmation of these facts via Chronological De-ageing.

Not to mention we now know they could restore life with this technology!

anonymous asked:

Karkat turns 6 sweeps June 12th right? I just realized this makes him older than Dave, because he turned 6 on the day the Trolls started their session(y'know, beyond literally creating human existence in the first place). Chronological age-wise though, he is older than Dave. And this is something I just realized and I find it cute. Wanted to tell you because you seem to like this sort of shit. (unrelated to aikass)

I like literally CANNOT wrap my head around this lmfaoooooooo because like if you think about it as “they start using human chronology on the meteor” they start in April, and Karkat’s birthday is first, but from his perspective it has only been… 3 and a half months ish since his last wiggling day which he’s used to “celebrating” only every 2.x human years so he’d probably think everyone damn lost their minds if they’re like happy borth karkat 3 months in 

but how do they even determine that June 12th is his birthday in universe

I can’t wrap my mind around it lmfao time in homestuck is weird

anonymous asked:

what do you think of jeff and annie's creepy factor? like she's 18 and he's 35 when they meet. sure annie is mature but i still find it a bit creepy :(

(Before I posted this, @celerylapel posted a reply to a very similar ask that she’d received. Our replies are similar as well, which I can only attribute to the fact that great minds think alike. ;) Her post is here, if you haven’t read it yet!)

Short answer: I don’t think their age difference is creepy at all. 

Much longer answer, because I have a lot of thoughts about this: Ages ago, I wrote about this in the tags of this gifset, partly inspired by some tags that @nyclove3 wrote:

#Jeff Winger has underestimated Annie Edison right from the start #much like the show’s writers half the time sadly #this is related to a thing I don’t get actually #which is why some people think the age difference is such a big deal with these two #because by the time this episode [2.17] aired Annie had been through so much #she was bullied and unpopular in high school but didn’t let it stop her from being a good student and even participating in activities #she was an addict but went to rehab and got clean with no family support #her parents disowned her so she went out and found an apartment of her own and managed to be responsible enough with work and school #that she kept that apartment ON HER OWN for 2+ years and got excellent grades #she dealt with the loss of scholarships and watched her dreams crumble to dust around her #and picked herself up and researched community colleges and enrolled herself #and through it all stayed positive enough to remain hopeful and to want good things for herself #like seriously do you get what huge accomplishments all those things are??? #by the time she was 20 Annie Edison was more mature and responsible than Jeff Winger was at 35 #and as demonstrated on the show time and time again all the way back to ep 1.06 #Annie is perfectly capable of standing up to Jeff when necessary #she’s the one who directly confronts him about what’s going on between them #Jeff is not the person in that relationship with all the power FAR FROM IT

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