chrono cross cosplay


Harle cosplay, complete!

I can say that it isn’t my most comfortable cosplay (the shoes aren’t easy to walk in for sure), but it’s not entirely uncomfortable. Could be worse. It’s very warm. I need to hope for cooler weather this weekend.

This cosplay took SO MUCH time and effort to put together, but I’m super super happy with how ti turned out :D I avoided playing Chrono Cross for a long time because I’m a huge CT fan, but ended up falling in love once I was finally convinced to give it a try. Harle is my favorite character, so I really hope I was able to do her justice <3

Look out for me at Animation on Display this Saturday!


Five of my favorite costumes in no particular order. Each of these has a lot of meaning to me. Whenever I need motivation I look back on what I’ve done and use it to inspire myself to keep going and improving.


Chrono Cross @ Katsucon 2013!

Karmada as Kid Zeal and myself as Harlequin

Never have I been prouder of a costume. I took so much time do and redo everything that when I got my finished product I was like HOLY CRAP I LOVE THIS AND THERE IS NOTHING I HATE. *does happy dance*

We’ll be wearing these again to Anime Matsuri in Houston, TX.

Photos by Judith Stephens photography