Those of you who are Star Wars fans will be familiar with this quote and it’s a good summary of what Rousseau thought. ‘Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering’
That’s how Anakin Skywalker turns evil.
‘Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.’
There’s a lot of truth in Rousseau and in the Star Wars films.

So, I’m sitting in my Modern Political Thought lecture and this just happened. Yoda was on the slide and Dr. Blau said ‘suffering’ in an amazing old man Yoda voice. 

This is such a good way to teach. I UNDERSTAND. 

By day by night by cold by warmth by perception

If you look at the word ‘by’ really closely, just stare at it for a few seconds, it looks weird. It’s not a natural word. What does it even mean. It just identifies other things but doesn’t really mean anything by itself. See. By itself. By. What even is that. 

Anyway. That was me opening with a digression because my title made me think about it.

What I actually did want to blog about is how the same streets, same buildings and same distances seem so different in different situations. 

Sprinting up to Sainsbury’s in the cold a few nights ago, in my dungarees, jacketless, with Thomas, just to get Charlie some popcorn- Euston felt so far away. This afternoon, in the semi-sunshine, being brave enough to wear just a kurta and daring skimpy sandals, to grab some lunch- it seemed like such a pleasant stroll to take the long route, and such a short walk to get back in time to Skype with Tereza.

Stopping to look over at the Eye and Westminster on a Monday afternoon, whilst I’m running across the bridge to get to French class is so dramatically different from promenading along the Thames after sunset. 

I like it.

I like how the city metamorphs into all these different characters in my mind. 

I like London by day, London by night, London by warmth, not so much London by cold, but I’ll learn to love that as well. 

I love this city and all it's schizophrenia. 


(Semi)Weekend away with Ma.
Cambridge is so quiet and serene and pretty (and sometimes pretentious) but mostly scenic and eccentric.
Shout outs- it was so nice of Aaron to meet us and show us around King’s and Pembroke, great to see Anindya in his Corpus freshers environment and watch the chapel concert, brief catch up with Sanjukta in Downing after years and so lovely staying with Prof. Kulwant and is wife, so much hospitality, homemade desi food and great conversation.
Book markets and craft markets and Savoy cabbage stir fry and the discovery of the ‘hispy’ cabbage thing and old poetry books in their boxes and cheap(ish) loose leaf and mushroom shaped earring holders and Sicilian men making pizza and buskers in bins and autumnal feels everywhere and a fabulous spider and many good things.
Travel can be tiring and coming home to work can be stressful, but it’s worth it.

Side note.

Here is an entire post for a side-not because that exceed the length of the actual message. 

The job I applied for. I don’t know if I’m going to get it, I don’t even know if I stand any chance at all, but it’s such an amazingly exciting prospect.

International Students Blogger, King’s College London.

Can you imagine? The fact that that position actually exists. The fact that years of experience sharing my life on tumblr might actually be of some use. The fact that I’ve submitted an actual job application (hello UK culture)

I’m excited. Really excited. Because whether I get to be an ambassador or blogger or not, the prospect of being able to help out the new kids who move into Connaught or KCL Liberal Arts or anyone else next year is already something I’ve been thinking about.

Fred and I were talking to Aaron about the failure of our ‘aunt and uncle’ system this year and how we’ll do a proper buddy system next year with our freshers. I was thinking about how next year at the welcome teas when fresh Connaughtians ask me if I’m a second year, I’ll actually be able to say yes, rather than being the awkward newbie Connaught nerd (love that, though. super love.)

I think it was Vikki who said last evening “Mother Megha strikes again!” I don’t even remember now what I’d done, but I like that. I like all the maternal, foster-y care feels. I think Kash thinks I’m too broody, but, it can’t be helped.

I have digressed. 

My point was simply that it felt so serendipitous to receive an e-mail asking for International Students Ambassadors and Bloggers, because, really, paid or not, I can’t image any positions I’d hold more happily. 

So, yeah, for those of you who actually read my paragraph of nothing-ness in the previous post and wondered about this, voici!