chronig fatigue

I like my pulmonologist. I don’t like that he’s got one of those overpowering doctor personalities that make him sound like he already knows what’s wrong with you and how to fix it and you just have to do what he says, even though you’ve been doing what doctors have told you to for years and it’s still not working. But I like that after I voiced my initial concern for the second time, he said that if it was still an issue in the future that we were definitely going to revisit it. And that he asked me twice if I had any additional questions.

I’m not good at piping up about these things. But I was today because wheeeee caffeine! 

And I’d like to thank every source of medical information on the Internet ever because I did enough research the night before that I was able to ask the right questions using the right medical terms in a way that probably made him take me more seriously. Or, at the very least, got me a direct answer because he knew what I was really asking.

Now I have to quit napping, get on a real sleep schedule, fill out a little chart, and go back in about two weeks.

i was a little teary-eyed on the drive home because dammit, I let my guard down and started hoping a little there that things might actually get better. We’ll see. We’ll see.