*SP∆ceGhostpurrp Chronicles*


Gotta be the God of Black, gotta take over for the nation

gotta be real, gotta be trill, gotta do it for the generation

‘88 pontiac, and make sure neon flashin

teach these girls how to be a goddess similar to janet jackson

gotta be the god of black, and make sure niggas aint phony 

cuz if them niggas dont fuck with u then they aint yo mothafuckin homies

gotta keep making stacks, its all about mothafuckin money

and feedin yo family and fuckin these snow bunnies

youll be filthy rich, shit gon up be in the pictures (?)

big mansion by the beach, house fulla bad bitches

youll have ever bitch, and all the money on the planet

all u gotta do is give me a wish and give me thee granted

u gon save the world, and make sure we stay trill

its a lot fakes, its a lot of snakes but that aint too trill

baby u the god of black, u gon have the millions

fuck these mothafuckin haters, fuck they mothafuckin feelins