chronicles of the wings

A Guide to Male YA Leads
  • Jace Herondale: Imma do the thing
  • Everyone in a 2km radius: Oh my god are you insane don't do the thing
  • Jace, bleeding and surrounded by burning corpses: too late
  • -----
  • Percy Jackson: Imma do the thing
  • Sommeone: Don't do the thing
  • Percy: Buddy, we are surrounded, wounded, and have a 99.999% chance of dying painfully. If you have a better idea, I'm all ears.
  • Someone:
  • Percy: Yeah that's what I thought
  • -----
  • Chaol Westfall: Imma do the thing
  • Celaena: Don't do the thing
  • Chaol: Wha-
  • Dorian: Bad idea, dude
  • Chaol: But-
  • Celaena and Dorian: nooooope
  • Chaol:
  • Chaol:
  • Chaol: *does the thing*
  • Celaena and Dorian: *frustrated sigh*
  • -----
  • Carswell Thorne: Imma do the thing
  • Cinder: Don't do the thing
  • Thorne: Please?
  • Cinder: No
  • Thorne: But it's the thing!!!
  • Thorne: *grumbles*
  • Cinder: *leaves*
  • Thorne: *does the thing*
  • Cinder: THORNE
  • -----
  • Daemon Black: Imma do the thing
  • Katy: Don't do the thing
  • Daemon: Why not?
  • Katy: Because it's reckless, poorly thought out, uncalled for, and has a 200% chance of backfiring
  • Daemon: Silly Kitten, you're not as experienced as I am. Leave this to the big kids.
  • Deamon: *does the thing*
  • Thing: *backfires, killing several people and having the opposite effect than the one desired*
  • Deamon: Oops
  • Katy: Are you going to listen to me now?
  • Daemon: Nope
  • -----
  • Raphael: Imma do th- wait Penryn
  • Raphael: Penryn what are you doing
  • Raphael: Oh my god Penryn no
  • Raphael: PENRYN
  • Raphael: I hate humans
  • -----
  • Nick Gautier: Imma do the thing
  • Everyone: hahahahaha yeah like hell you are good luck on your death quest don't forget to pack a snack
  • Nick: *does the thing*
  • Nick: *somehow manages to live*
  • Everyone: wait hold up what
  • -----
  • Callum Hunt: So you're telling me that you want to do the thing
  • Master Rufus: Yes
  • Cal: Fully realizing this the thing is incredibly difficult and could potentially hospitalize us
  • Master Rufus: Do you have a problem with that?
  • Cal: No, no, I just wanted to make sure we're on the same page
  • -----
  • Day: Imma do the thing
  • The Republic: Don't do the thing
  • Day: I don't think you understand just how funny it is that you think you have a say in this
  • -----
  • David Charleston: Imma do the thing
  • Someone: Don't do the thing
  • David: Why not
  • Someone: It's a stupid idea
  • David: Stupid?
  • David: I have been planning this for the better part of a decade
  • David: I have this down to a fucking script
  • David: I have prepared for almost every possible eventuality with four different back up plans

This is a list of books where monsters or aliens aren’t just the story antagonists. Suggestions are greatly appreciated. The list is a “living document” and will be updated as time goes.

If requested, this post will be turned into a read more.


Carey, J. (2007). Dragon’s Keep. Orlando: Harcourt.
[Suggested by @terato-imagines]

Cornish, D.M. (2006). Monster Blood Tattoo: Foundling. Australia: G.P. Putnam’s Sons.
The first installment in the Monster Blood Tattoo series.
[Suggested by aj_Ravenheas on twitter. Contact me if it needs correcting.]

Glassman, S. (2013). The Second Mango. Round Rock, TX: Prizm.
The first installment in the Mangoverse series.
[Suggested by @improfem]

Hambly, B. (1985). Dragonsbane. USA: Del Rey Books.
[Suggested by @deerbot36]

Jay, St. (2013). Of Beast and Beauty. New York: Delacorte Press.
[Suggested by @terato-imagines]

King, S., Straub, P. (1984). The Talisman. USA: Viking.
The first installment in the Jack Sawyer trilogy.

Knaak, R. (1988). The legend of Huma. USA, TSR inc.
Part of the Dragonlance Heroes series.
[Suggested by @deerbot36]

Knaak, R. (1990). Kaz the Minotaur. USA, TSR inc.
Part of the Dragonlance Heroes series.
[Suggested by @deerbot36]

Landy, D. (2007-2014). Skulduggery Pleasant (first series). Ireland: HarperCollins.

Landy, D. (2017). Skulduggery Pleasant: Resurrection (second series). Ireland, HarperCollins.

Levine, G.C. (1997). Ella Enchanted. USA: HarperTrophy.
[Suggested by @improfem]

Ness, P. (2011). A Monster calls. United Kingdom: Walker Books.

Novik, N. (2006). His Majesty’s Dragon (alt. Temeraire). USA: Del Rey Books.
The first installment in the Temeraire series.

Sutherland, T. (2012). The Dragonet Prophecy. USA: Scholastic Press.
The first installment in the Wings of Fire series.
[Suggested by @stormfangsky]

Taylor, L. (2011). Daughter of Smoke and Bone. USA: Hachette Book Group.
The first installment in the Daughter of smoke and bone series.
[Suggested by @peppenn]

Sci-fi/Speculative Fiction

Cargill, C. R. (2017). Sea of rust. London, Gollancz.

Chambers, B. (2015). The long way to a small angry planet. United Kingdom, Hodder & Stoughton.

Chambers, B. (2017). A closed and common orbit. United Kingdom, Hodder & Stoughton.

DiTerlizzi, T. (2010). The search for WondLa. USA: Simon & Schuster.
[Suggested by @moonfireflight]

Gilmore, K. (1999). The Exchange Student. Boston:  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.
Released as paperback 2006.
[Suggested by @monsterkittenparty]

Fforde, J. (2001). The Eyre Affair. United Kingdom: Hodder & Stoughton.
The first installment in the Thursday Next series.
[Suggested by @improfem]

Meyer, M. (2012). Cinder. USA: Feiwel & Friends.
The first installment in the Lunar Chronicles.
[Suggested by @improfem]

Zahn, T. (2003). Dragon and Thief. USA: Starscape.
The first installment in the Dragonback series.
[Suggested by @monsterkittenparty]

A Little Bit of Both



Kurogane immediately tries to recover his reputation by sounding mad and using angry speech but it has no effect on anyone whatsoever and I’m thrilled to bits. 


But I’m endlessly amused that Mokona’s Empathy Radar is so effective that it even hones in on HUNGER. 

I know that feeling. ‘Almost unbearable’ is absolutely correct. 

I will never recover from Mokona’s fountain of hearts while physically attached to the front of Kurogane’s face. 


Tsubasa Chronicle Month: Day 11 - SyaoSaku (TsuTsu)

in You and I - a Tsubasa-hime/Tsubasa Li fanmix that at its core, is about their love and faith shining strong even though they are separated by time space. Gorgeous coloring for cover art is by @wishingyoucouldshowmelove, used with permission.

Listen at 8tracks | playmoss

01. Sanctuary Utada Hikaru // 02. Right Here Waiting Richard Marx //
03. Dying Day Brandi Carlile // 04. Beside You Phildel // 05. Set Fire to the Third Bar Snow Patrol ft. Martha Wainwright // 06. Up with the Birds Coldplay // 07. From this Valley The Civil Wars // 08. Nandemonaiya Mone Kamishiraishi


Actually the funny thing is I’d probably be terrible at Librarian Assault Training. I’m usually the Librarian that’s far too nice and waives everyone’s fines and doesn’t charge parents when their babies accidentally rip a book in half. 

Which I only mention because it doesn’t look like these librarians are that good at it either. Like, I’m sure Kurogane can run pretty fast, but you’d think they’d have a better shot at hitting him as he runs down the Straight Corridor and none of them manage to actually catch up, despite flying through the air.

Maybe the teapots are actually low to moderate in speed at best. 

Maybe they’re actually too used to being nice and don’t actually want to hit the customers. 

Maybe I’m projecting far too much. BUT CAN YOU BLAME ME? 

Oh my god. 

Oh my GOD.