chronicles of the wings

Daniel calls Armand's cell phone:

D – Hello? Armand?

A – Yes, Daniel.

D – Remember that a while ago you’ve warned me?

A – You’ll have to be more specific.

D – Something about a carpet.

A – I remember.

D – What was it that you’ve said?

A – That if you’ll stain the blue Persian carpet, I’ll be very displeased.

D – You’ve mentioned something about the things you might do.

A – I have.

D – Certain actions you might consider.

A – Indeed.

D – I remember that the word “pain” was mentioned a few times.

A – That’s true.

D – You probably wonder why I ask.

A – Wonder is just a small part of a great variety of emotions that I feel at the moment.

D – Let’s say, hypothetically, there happens to be a blood stain.

A – Hypothetically.

D – What would one do?

A – Pour cold water immediately.

D – Immediately you say…

A – That’s what I say.

D – Where were you two day ago, huh? Haha.

A - …

D - …

A - …

D – Ha.

A - …

D - …

A - …

D - …

A - …

D – I love you.

I like big books and i cannot lie these are my biggest book the books that are 400 pages or more what’s your favorite book that is longer then 400+ pages i think out of this whole stick my top picks would be The Libba Bray books,A court of mist and fury,Harry potter and The book thief 

While Admins B and T are enjoying the show, Admin K is getting packed for Day 2!

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So here it is, finally! :D Surprise gift commission for adhesivesandscrap based on her Syngnath Chronicles AU fic. I am sooooo glad you like it! ٩(ര̀ᴗര́)

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