Edmund X Reader: Morning waves

@dancing-lawn requested: Maybe one where i live in cair paravel with the pevensies? Just cute stuff and romance and friendship. *Her tags were: Cair Paravel, Golden Age, friendship with Susan, pretty dresses, books, ship with one of the boys ;), just good vibes, blue*

~Here it is Margarita! I hope it’s what you wanted.~

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“Ah, Lady Y/n! Nice to see you’re enjoying the Narnian morning.”

You looked up from the pages of your book. King Edmund’s dark eyes were glowing in the light from the sun, and they almost cast a reflection against the fragile paper. As your vision adjusted, you noticed that his eyes were accompanied by the ones of King Peter, Queen Susan, and Queen Lucy. 

“I am, your highness.”

 You closed the book, smiling up at the four royals. “What are you all doing here so early in the day?”

 Lucy let out a light giggle, falling onto the crystals of sand. “Edmund said the waves were always prettiest in the morning.”

 You raised an eyebrow, stretching your arms out on the sand beside her. The beach was a lovely place to be before the sun rose, and the deep blue waves seemed to roll over each other as they rippled. 

“Did he, now?” 

You shot a small smile in Edmund’s direction. Susan rolled her eyes, shaking her brother’s shoulders incredulously. “Alright. That’s enough flirting.” 

She ran towards the water before either one of you could defend yourselves.

 You let out a sigh, rolling your eyes and getting to your feet. You exchanged a look with Lucy as you both darted after Susan, kicking sand behind your feet. 

Peter, who had been peacefully admiring the horizon, spluttered from a mouthful of sand. “On Aslan…” He muttered, shaking his head. He ruffled his brother’s hair. 

“Gosh, Pete,” Edmund scolded playfully, smiling and fixing his crown, “I’m not a child anymore.”

 Peter snorted. “I would hope not. I mean, would a child hopelessly pine for a girl too pretty for him? Would a child wrote love notes and hide them under his bed? Would a-” Edmund hit him over the head. “Shut up.” 

Peter just smirked. 

“Y/n! Stop splashing water in my face!”

The two boys turned back to the sea, where the three of you were still playing in the waves.

 “You bet my arse I will not!” You shouted back, sending a wave towards Susan’s face. Lucy laughed, pushing you into the water. You quickly regained balance, splashing Lucy with more water in return.

 “Okay, I think we’ve had our fun.” Lucy said through heavy breaths, still giggling. You and Susan nodded, panting and climbing over the waves onto land. Susan collapsed on the beach, and you quickly followed suit. 

As your back hit the sand, a wave of warmth filled your body. The open-backed gown you wore was quite damp, but the sun-kissed sand seemed to suck out any moisture left in the fabric. 

Susan sighed. “I think Lucy and I should return to our duties.”

 “Can’t we stay here?” Lucy whined, rolling over to face her sister. Susan smiled, standing up and lifting Lucy off the sand. “Maybe tomorrow.” 

She turned to you. “Y/n, will you be here tomorrow morning as well?” 

You nodded, smiling as the rising sun washed over you. “Definitely.” 

You listened as the two walked to the nearby palace of Cair Paravel to dry off, their feet gliding against the sand. 

You heard a muffled noise behind you as they left, followed by footsteps and finally, a figure sat beside you. You lifted your head. 

Edmund, riding clothes and all, had collapsed onto the damp morning sand. Peter had already gone. 

“What is a handsome King like you doing in such unclean sand? You could get your cape wet.” 

Edmund rolled his eyes, quickly bringing his lips to yours to shut you up. 

“It’s not a cape, it’s a cloak.” He corrected as he pulled away, admiring your soft smile. “You really should stop being so cute. It’s quite difficult to conceal my attractions to you when you prance about with your lovely eyes and your gentle face and your…your everything.”

 You let a small laugh escape your lips. “My ‘everything’? Do be more specific, my King.”

 Edmund sighed in exasperation, pressing a gentle kiss to your cheek. 

“You already know.”

Edmund x Reader: I Don’t Completely Hate You

Hey can you do one where the reader and Edmund are super competitive with each other and have feelings for each other but they won’t admit it cause they’re stubborn so Peter and the reader’s sister come up with a plan for Peter to flirt with the reader and the sister flirts with Edmund to make them jealous and to help them admit their feelings.

hey friend! can you do a Edmund x Reader where the reader is Queen of another country and she and Ed are like competing or something… idk just do what you want with it… also you’re an amazing writer!!

Hi can you do one where you and Edmund are always competing with each other but won’t admit your feelings so the other pevensie siblings are making a plan and using your competitiveness to get you together?


A/N: (Y/S/N) = Your sister’s name


Edmund would have never thought he would be sitting in a library, doing research in the middle of a beautiful afternoon, but here he was–for the sake of his pride. (Y/n) had claimed to be able to find information that could solve the growing rift in the trade agreements between Galma, Narnia, and Archenland, but Edmund opened his big mouth and claimed he could do so faster. So, here he was. Stuck with her, no less.

She glared at him distastefully. “I understand that you’re incompetent, but is there really a reason why Peter is here?”

“Look, you can insult me all you want, but you don’t have to bring my brother into our–whatever it is between us,” Edmund said, pointing an accusatory finger. He was surprised Peter hadn’t chimed in yet. But he was too mesmerized with (Y/n)’s sister, (Y/S/N).

Edmund leaned over and reached for a pen but so did (Y/n), which caused their hands to briefly touch. “Er–”

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