chronicles of an 8th grade mallgoth

First Kiss at the Forbidden Mall

As read on January 19th, 2016, at the Vol. 1 Brooklyn Reading Series in NYC.

In 2003 I was 13 years old, I lived in Jacksonville Florida, and I had just started dating my second boyfriend, “Adam.” (My so-called first boyfriend was some self-professed “goth infantile”, who I mostly talked to on AIM. The few times I saw him IRL were at Sunset Place in Miami, where he would narc on shoplifters at the local Hot Topic. He would be compensated in some real shitty band stickers.)

Anyway, Adam and I met in the school cafeteria, where we bonded over our shared love for Tool. We were also friends with “Hannah,” a bisexual goth girl who was often making out with other goth girls in the school courtyard. I was invited to join their communal makeout once, but I declined.

Still, Adam and I were both strangely fascinated by her. Sometimes we stayed up late on the phone with her and candidly discussed music and sexy things. (He only knows what an orgasm is because Hannah and I gave him our half-baked 13-year-old knowledge, probably scavenged from Most importantly, Hannah and her mother were my cover up for my first date with Adam, which happened at the Forbidden Mall.

The Forbidden Mall was forbidden because 1) people got shot there and 2) Jacksonville is a Navy town and sailors were often found in the food court trying to pick up teen girls. Still, that Hot Topic was the best one in town. I told my mom us girls were going shopping at the nice mall… And met Adam at the Forbidden Mall, where romance ensued. This is the original account from my diary, written in March 2003.

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