chronicles of a wintry wanderer

ALRIGHT so hi I’m not sure how to announce this but I’m going to be starting a new ask blog on the ask-an-ice-fairy url (until I think of a better url name e - e). It’ll be a sort of new world-building project featuring a young ice fairy. I might be asking for new fantasy creatures/characters too! So far it’s just going to be story guided by ask messages but I’ll just go with the flow and see how everything turns out? Yeah. Thanks for reading!

B e g i n   J o u r n e y ?


Unfortunately Céline is just as capable of flight as Cirno is, but brave falls are supposed to end in valiant recovery right? right?!

This was more of a speed draw than anything bc since CoC is much more full-color than the old ask blog was i definitely need to keep improving technique so works get done faster and with much more quality? yeah