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GF fandom hear me out

So this is a book i read like 2 years ago. Listen:

-Its about a group of twins and their big sister finding a book about magical creatures.

-The book is an old hand-written and illustrated book with information on different types of magical creatures written by a mysterious author. 

-The main villain is a mastermind that wants to destroy everything. 

-They find help with an old member of their family who knew about the monsters and the author.

-In the end its revealed the author of the book was their great grandfather who accidentally stepped into a place where time didn´t pass,so when he came back it had been like 5 days for him and more than 30 years for the rest.







Also,the main character in that book is basically Dipper.

Look im not saying Alex ripped this book off  but you cant deny the similarities. Maybe he was inspired by this somehow?

Gravity Falls / The Chronicles of Narnia

  • siblings sent away by parents to live with enigmatic old man hiding portals to another world in his house
  • self-centered mad scientist who believes himself destined for a greatness which puts him beyond common mortals opens gateway to other dimensions, is terrible influence on nephew
  • embodiment of Satan invades our world thanks to human weakness, after spending years trapped in a “decaying dimension”; causes chaos
  • innocent, friendly young girl with a trustful heart and a love for fantasy creatures as emblem of human goodness, a “straight-up saint” who is “probably the most pure-of-heart person in this room”; sibling adores her and is protective of her (Peter), but is tempted toward the dark side (Edmund) and is overly anxious to be grown-up (Susan). 
  • “Liar. Monster. Snappy dresser.” - The Author on Bill Cipher / “A devilish temper she had, but she was a dem fine woman, sir, a dem fine woman.” - Andrew Kirke on Jadis 
  • “Mabel is a lot smarter than anyone gives her credit for, and she knows in her core that Dipper’s quest for maturity is, in itself, immature.” - Alex Hirsch / “When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.” - C.S. Lewis
  • target audience: children interested in adventure; plenty of stuff they’ll better understand when they’re older
  • Bonus: Alex Hirsch is Mr. Tumnus

Over the Garden Wall / The Lord of the Rings

  • protagonist, a conflicted and becloaked Elijah Wood, sets out on quest accompanied by homespun sidekick who likes potatoes; fellowship gradually forms around the two
  • group stalked by malevolent, shadowy presence, particularly threatening to protagonist
  • group stops at tavern, protagonist sings a song at the urging of locals; conflict ensues and they skip town with someone else’s horse
  • group eventually ceases to journey on foot and continues by water
  • in an emotional moment following a betrayal, the fellowship breaks up; protagonist and sidekick forced to journey alone
  • protagonist unable to continue; sidekick, though patently unequipped for this, must singlehandedly figure out a way for both of them to continue the quest anyway
  • trees associated with evil, though not consistently
  • Greg and Wirt, particularly Wirt, are archetypal hobbits; i.e. ordinary characters thrust into heroic narrative who constantly surprise with resource and ingenuity gleaned from their life experiences (example: Wirt able to solve Endicott’s problem because of his personal interest in historical architecture: cf. Bilbo’s skill with maps, gained from hobby of charting his own walking routes)
  • everyone, including protagonist and sidekick, either reciting a poem or singing a song pretty much at all times
  • target audience: probably the people who made them, honestly
  • Bonus: Sean Astin was considered for the role of Greg. That’s right, this entire show was almost a Lord of the Rings Troubled Half-Brothers AU.