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In this video I inform you guys about a Photo Sharing Service I recently came across with, by the name of Razzi. gives you unlimited Photo Sharing servicing and gives you minor tweaks for Razzi Pro at a price of $4.99/month.

I like the interface and everything else about it. Try it out yourself at

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"What is Prepared for Me?" Teaser Premiere

Check out the Teaser Premiere for ChronicIllusionsTV upcoming short film entitled “What is Prepared for Me?”

Directed/Edited by Joshua Berrios

Filmed with a Nikon D3100. Lens used was a Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D


MBOYZ & NY JDM EURO District March Madness Car Meet

ChronicIllusions Photography attended on the MBOYZ & NY JDM EURO District March Madness Car Meet on March 4, 2012. 

Check Out the Photos and Upcoming Footage from the Event on ChronicIllusionsTV’s Facebook!

All Photography Work on ChronicIllusionsTV!

Hey Guys,

Some of you may know that ChronicIllusions Photography is the photography department of ChronicIllusionsTV and some of you may not know, but, now you guys know!

Well, I wanted to inform you guys on a ChronicIllusions Photography update. All of ChronicIllusions Photography brand new work will be uploaded on ChronicIllusionsTV Facebook Fanpage due to overloaded/full space usage of the ChronicIllusions Photography Flickr page.

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INSIDER REPORT: Someone New 2 Town!


I hear there is someone NEW to town. I hear this someone is polishing up his/her Photography and Videography skills to another level. I haven’t been able to find out who it is and what their Portfolio looks like. My sources are telling me that his/her identity is private.

Who or What Can This Be?


Hey Guys,

Joshua here from ChronicIllusions Photography (ChronicIllusionsTV on Facebook) admitting that I know it’s been a while since I have posted content to

But, I wanted to inform you guys that there will be a big change for ChronicIllusionsTV/ChronicIllusions Photography coming soon.

I will be posting up content from my Flickr and upcoming work that will exclusively be viewed here on So, make sure to signup to Tumblr and Follow ChronicIllusions Photography.

ChronicIllusions Photography on Flickr

If you haven’t checked out ChronicIllusions Photography’s Flickr, Check It Out Today!

You will find all sorts of Photography from Motorsports, Action Sports, Nature, Urban, Portrait, and much more.

Here is a Flickr Preview of a photo from Island Import Day @ Heckscher State Park,NY:

If you like ChronicIllusions Photography’s work and would like to inquire on a Photoshoot for an Event (Parties, Car Shows, Meetings, etc.), Personal Use, Blog, or Website.

You can Contact Me at for more information on Photoshoot Pricing & Setup.

C.Envy NYC Photoshoot on Flickr

The C.Envy NYC Photoshoot has been posted on Flickr.

Check out some of the shots that were taken. More Photos will be released during time. Don’t forget to follow ChronicIllusions Photography on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and right here on Tumblr.