Does anyone else with a hazy chronic illness diagnosis ever worry that one day you’re gonna end up in hospital for what you think is a bad flare and life’s just gonna say “Sorry, looks like you had it wrong, it was cancer all along.”???
Because I am TERRIFIED that that is going to happen to me.

Diary of a Professional Sick Person

Yesterday I signed a paper. I was applying for a handicap sticker. I didn’t really want to, and I didn’t really have a choice, and I don’t really know how it’s going to go. It was in passing too, my Mother handing me a pen as we’re about to enter the doctor’s office, pointing out where I’m supposed to sign. And I look at the dotted line, right above Parent or Guardian, marked Signature of Disabled Person. And I swear to you, there was silence.

It wasn’t so big of a deal, but it really did feel like it. It felt like I was signing away my health. Putting on paper that all the missed days and all the canceled plans and all the times I haven’t been nearly as good a friend as I should have been - all of them weren’t just something that was going away. I was disabled. Am disabled. I’m a Professional Sick Person and that isn’t gonna change and I can’t keep pretending. So to all of you I’ve been neglecting: I’m sorry. Truly. I’ve needed you so much I’ve been afraid to ask, so I suppose this is my way of asking.

And to those who don’t know me, and that follow me for whatever reason: this blog is going to change. Same mix of Fandoms and Feminism, same amount of Trump hate. Just a little more me. Little more of what’s going on in Ginger Land - the drugs, the blood tests, the complete lack of partying. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I’m far too tired not to be an open book.

Man my eyes are just acting so funny. My right eye seems to be blurry 24/7, with or without contacts or glasses. Just like….extra blurry. It’s hard to describe but idk wtf is going on. I mean, my vision is pretty shitty, it’s 20/200, but I saw the doctor in July and got my prescription all updated and such and now just ugh. This happened last year too though, but I was also seeing dark spots/shadows out of the corner of my eye all the time. Again, mostly right eye. Wtf is wrong with the right side of my body?! The leg pain is worse on that side, my right arm is numb and tingly more than the left, I’ve got TN on that side…:fucking weird. Stupid body.

I really wanna do a chronic illness themed photoshoot. Something to represent maybe the spoon theory and all the things chronically ill people have to do like check blood sugar, take pills, wear braces, feeding tubes, etc. I don’t know. I just am feeling really restless all of a sudden and now that my camera is fully operational again I just really wanna do something with that! :)

You Can Afford to Have How Much Time

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If I ever say anything that offends or upsets you, please tell me. I’m not perfect, and I use a lot of these platforms to convey thoughts that usually just sit in my brain without ever seeing the sunlight. I’m not offended by feedback, and I am always trying to gain knowledge in areas that I am ignorant. I’m really thankful that you guys look at my posts, and I just want you to know that I am listening. 

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Hello other anon, that could be a sign of an issue with your urinary tract and you could be suffering from kidney stones which are severely terrible. Or depending on your gender, it could be a yeast infection or general irritation because of soap you are using or something like that. It could be something chronic or something small but you should tell your doctor or a parent if that's necessary and make a plan to get it sorted out. Pain down there isn't necessary or fun and it can be solved

I know I used to have lots of irritation from soap, so it could be that simple. Hopefully anon and the docs figure it out so they feel better soon!

Good news is that my joints are back to two weeks ago normal (well my knees are still sore), so maybe it’ll stay that way.  I went to the doctor yesterday and apparently sore/stiff joints can happen from a bacterial/viral infection or something??  even without flu/cold symptoms???  I did not know this was a thing that could happen, where is my body’s warranty agreement I demand a refund. 

They did take five vials of my blood for tests to make sure it’s not something else.  But like???? although that was a disproportionately weird and scary and confusing experience just for it to be a mild infection passing through, I really really hope it’s not something chronic.

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5 and 14

5. What is your favorite species to own?
Dogs, but I really, really enjoyed owning rats when I did. They were like little dogs; I did a little training with them and it was great fun. I will probably get rats again sometime in the future.

14. Do you sell/ have you sold any of your animals?
Fortunately I’ve never had to sell an animal. I’m very big on sticking with them throughout everything - I’d go homeless before I’d give someone up (if I could still feed them and what not.) I don’t have any issues with people that do (as long as it isn’t chronic..) but it is something I, personally, would always feel upset over.

I’ve thought about selling Valyria a few times, given her and I tend to clash a lot, or returning her to my breeder. But every time I can never imagine life without her: even with all the stuff she puts me through, she’s a part of the pack as much as anyone else.  She makes me a better trainer. What do I learn when I have dogs that always easily comply with what I demand? She challenges me and for that I am forever grateful to her.

I recently thought about selling Kindred, as I’ve never dealt with a “teenaged” male dog before. Same with Valyria, though - he’s probably my second favorite, even when I’m pissed off with him, just because he’s so damn quirky from the other dogs.

Happy #FriendsDay!. I really thought this video was sweet so I decided to share it with my followers. I wanted to add photos of me being happy outdoors and smiling. I really love my friends. I lost a lot of friends since I was diagnosed so I only have a couple friends in the area now. Most just can’t wrap their heads around it. But I do have one friends who understands because she now has an incurable disease herself.

I wouldn’t wish it on anyone and I am always thinking of her. I need to get outdoors. Hopefully this weekend? I know there’s tons of snow but it would be fun to go snowshoeing or something. @chronically-angelic wish you were here. 

In other news it’s a snow day for the SAU 16 district! Which means my mom is home with me… Wooohoo :/ 

Day 3 of @missdahlelama’s #AuthorLifeMonth: Last book I gave 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 to is CAM GIRL by @elliotzero (writing as Leah Raeder). I absolutely loved seeing frank discussions about gender and sexuality (in a #NewAdult book!) and the struggle of an artist MC who can’t draw the way she used to do to chronic pain is something that really resonated with me. I’ll have a full review up later this week, but if you like #NA books, I definitely recommend this one. #booknerdigans #bookstagram #books #fivestars

Today I had the fun task of dealing with 32 children while also PMSing something chronic

I dealt pretty well actually! Aside from the 2 minute silence I made them have because they wouldnt stop talking :’)

Injured myself in my sleep. YET AGAIN.

How the fuck am I meant to get fit when everytime I think I’ve found a way to work out around my chronic pain issues, something else starts to hurt (a LOT)??? Current injury means I can’t turn my neck, twist my waist/back or raise my arms (I think it’s a GIANT knot in my back, because I had this exact problem a week ago, only on the other side & my husband had to massage it several times before I could move).

Also the wacky weather changes of the past few days means that my knees have puffed up to high heaven, so I can’t walk either.

UGH. This body is seriously defective, I want a refund or exchange.

I Can Bear the expense to Squat How Much Time

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Hi, sorry I'm the UTI anon again, I'm very young and I'm afraid if I tell my mom I might have a UTI that she'll think it's from sexual causes. But the symptoms started after my period so could it be from wearing a pad too long? I haven't done anything sexual. Also, isn't e. Coli (the bacteria in UTIs? Correct me if I'm wrong) hard to treat? I'm just super scared of this

Yes, wearing a pad too long can cause UTIs as well as vaginal infections.

UTIs are caused by so many things that your mom most likely won’t suspect anything sexual. UTIs are very common and normal, everyone gets them from time to time.

And you’re thinking of E. coli when it is ingested. There are different strains of it.

UTIs are very easy and simple to treat. Chronic UTIs signal something more complicated is going on, but are still mostly easy to to treat.

- damegreywulf