chronic falling

The cruelest part of this chronic illness is that it let me start with a normal life, Then it took it all away!

My body might not be doing a good job but it’s doing its best for me & putting in so much effort to compensate for genetics and other issues and I really appreciate that

abled person: gosh im so tired today, i feel like i could fall asleep

chronically ill person:yeah dude, it sucks im running on like two spoons at most rn, i could just pass out but that fatigue life means i probably wont get any spoons back even if i slept for days.

abled person: what the fuck

If Your Resistance Omits the Disabled and/or Those with Chronic, Degenerative Illnesses, It’s Falling Short

This arose yet again this week, so I’m posting a loving reminder: if your Resistance omits the disabled and/or those w/ chronic, degenerative illnesses, it’s falling short.

Today is Day #80 of DJT’s administration and it’s nuts how many times I’ve had to remind ostensible Resistance fighters, “Um, yeah, hi. He targets the disabled and ill, too." 

Plus, his healthcare bill was softcore eugenics.

Much, MUCH love to those of you who get it! If you can help nudge those who don’t, that’d be swell.

All the best.

Imagine the Boss chronically falling asleep everywhere but their bed at night, and the Saints just find them sprawled out in odd, uncomfortable places and decide to carry them up to their bed when/if they find them- and the Boss doesn’t know that they have been doing it for YEARS until one night one of the Saints goes to pick them up when they’re not actually sleeping and they’re like “What in the ever living fuck are you doing to me?”. They don’t stop tucking their Boss in at night even after the Boss almost dies from embarrassment.


I got my first set of autumnal photos back from Fusco Photography and I absolutely love them. Autumn is probably my favourite season and these photos perfectly capture why.

Getting photos like this are so helpful in getting me to accept every part of myself with all of my mobility aids includes. I’m disabled and fat and sometimes I feel a bit down given that this time last year I was an athletic dance teacher and aerialist but things like this really help me love who I am now, illness, weight and all.

My name is Lizzie, disabled and plus size, and I am chronically fabulous.

INSOMNIA - (in-som-nee-uh) - noun


  • inability to obtain sufficient sleep, especially when chronic; difficulty in falling or staying asleep; sleeplessness

Related forms:

  • adjective - insomnious
  • noun - insomniac

Example sentence:

  • The thanksgiving turkey made me so sleepy, it cured my insomnia.

Stovenly thinks:

  • “yyyuuUUUP it sure is crazy” 
  • *pours in cocaine*

The struggle is real.

anonymous asked:

it's ur boi, the lamp, how is life?

Life’s been swell! 
I hope that your chronic condition of falling asleep during conversations is getting better!

17 Crazy Interesting Facts About Dopamine

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What does dopamine do? Well, at the most basic level, everything you think, do, and are is basically part of one big chemical reaction. That’s not an altogether comfortable thought for some people - but it’s the science. It’s hard to deny when you start looking into incredible brain chemicals and neurotransmitters like dopamine.

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