chronic faitgue


I’ve been thinking about this for awhile and I think I’m finally gunna make a website or something for it and just do it. I’m going to be making baskets for invisible/chronic illnesses. Spoonie baskets. Anyone who’s best friend is a heating pack or pill case. ANyone who uses a cane any amount of time. Anyone who has to calculate how often you’ll be doing stairs that day. I’m making these for you. Or your friend or family member. Here are some things these baskets might consist of. Most of it being homemade and/or personalizable.

  • Support ribbon book marks
  • Your choice of candy
  • Home made cane cover
  • soft cuddle blankie
  • cute heat/ice pad
  • Support ribbon jewlery
  • relaxy bath stuff
  • assorted teas
  • Chocolate covered spoons (pun :))
  • Scentsy buddy
  • A me made encouraging painting
  • a homemade stuffed animal
  • cute bandaids
  • decorated purse pill case
  • and many more options.

If you would be interested in this please message me or even simply like this or something to let me know that it’s worth it to make these because I plan on putting money time and energy into them and I think it’s for a great cause. Love you all, I hope you feel alright today <3