2015-09-16, Why I Can’t Work, by Trine Watkins

I was absent for about 1/3 of my classes in my last year of high school due to my IBS and the time management issues it always caused. This is also one of the reasons I dropped out of uni my first year (full-time on campus), they don’t care about your reasons for absences and lates. Now I do part-time online school :) 

2015-09-15, Chronic Illness Problems, by Trine Watkins

My old art… yikes o.O I think later I’ll redraw some of them. Idk, I’m not sure I want to redraw this one, just cuz it applied to me more before, when I had multiple flare ups every week, whereas now I basically never get them :)    

Also, this was wayyyy back when I first started dating my boyfriend (Why did I draw him so pale tho? He’s so nice and brown <3 )

2016-05-26, Flare Up, by Trine Watkins

Sometimes, there are flares that hit you out of nowhere, and you have to RUN. I love the forth panel.

If my comics ever become popular, I’ll probably just be known for drawing myself screaming on toilets.