Here’s a redraw of my first serious oc from 2010? 2011?

He’s the Time Lord, and no, not Doctor Who Time Lord, 2010 me didn’t know what Doctor Who was and lemme tell you she was pissed when she found out. 

His name is Chrone, you’ll never believe this, it’s short for Chronological. I was…really creative back in the day. But he still is important to me lol so I’ll keep him around.

Chisaki: Did you get the papers i asked you to get?

Chrono: Papers… No I did not.

Chisaki: wtf! Why not?

Chrono: *looks down* I ran out of TIME…

Chisaki: ….😐

Chrono: …..


Chrono: *slowly smirks to himself*

Chisaki: Leave. Just please leave.

Chrono: Wait! Give me just a MINUTE and I will get them!

Chisaki: Chrono I swear to god…

Chrono:… would you like me to spend my-

Chisaki: Dont.

Chrono: -free TIME and get them for you?

Chisaki: Its time for you to lea-…



Chrone: *grins*

Chisaki: 😐🔫

SMRookies As Things I've Heard At College #1

Warning: A lot of dick jokes

Yiyang: “Teleforskin.”


Hina: “We finally have a sexy president.”

Ningning: “Eating pubes is like chewing on carpet.”

Herin: “I can’t wait for my parents to get a divorce! I get a puppy!”

Lami: “Who put their dead baby in a urinal!?!”

Hansol: “I can’t barely speak English DON’T TOUcH mE.”

Kun: “She loves it when I hit her with the head… She loves the tip.”

Jungwoo: “Everybody poops unless they have chrones disease.”

Lucas: “Let’s just say a baby showed up with a strap on.”

((I don’t know the personalities of the new rookies yet so I’m using them as honourable mentions))

Rookie #1: “Sorry I don’t have a ten inch cock!”

Rookie #2: “Yeah my mom makes suicide jokes all the time.”

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It’s really embarrassing so I don’t talk about my health here but I should probably be honest as I love all of you guys I really do.

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My First Blog Post

2nd January 2018

I have decided to start writing a blog as a New Years resolution. As with most resolutions I fully expect this to last for around 2 attempts before it is given up as being too hard to maintain, along with my other efforts, such as losing weight, getting fit, giving up drinking, smoking, eating etc. I’m not sure what I’ll write about, hopefully they will be entertaining of sorts and possibly some might even be funny. However, this first one is a bit more somber.

2017 was, in all honestly, shit. It started with me being operated on, ending up in intensive care and then being diagnosed with Chrones disease. Alongside other crappy things to happen to me, including turning 40, it ended horrendously as well with one of my best friends being in an induced coma close to death after suffering Sepsis. He is still in an incredibly bad way in hospital at the moment and we are all hoping and praying that he somehow manages to pull through.

However, what this and all the other experiences that I have gone through in 2017 have taught me is that I am incredibly lucky. I have a wonderful family, extended and immediate, and I am part of the closest group of friends that anyone could ever wish for. The love and hope that has been shared by us all over the last few days has been nothing short of extraordinary and I am proud to be a part of it.

We have a support WhatsApp group that has been set up by a friend, and there are some lovely things being said on there. I have found it difficult to find the strength to post anything meaningful or insightful on there myself, but have found solace in reading everyone elses messages. However, I wanted to try and put something down in writing about how I feel.

D is probably the nicest individual person I have ever met. I honestly have never heard him say a bad thing about anyone. That sounds twee and patronising but it is not, it is true. That is also why this is so hard to take. I know I am not alone in being in denial about all this.

As for now, all we can do is continue what we have been doing so far, which is sending our hope, good wishes, prayers and love to D and his family. He will be honoured and embarrassed by all the love that has been sent his way when he comes round and is well enough to read them all, and I for one cannot wait to be there to see it, and give him the biggest hug ever. That will hopefully be soon and will be the first sign that this year, will be better than the last.

2015-09-16, Why I Can’t Work, by Trine Watkins

I was absent for about 1/3 of my classes in my last year of high school due to my IBS and the time management issues it always caused. This is also one of the reasons I dropped out of uni my first year (full-time on campus), they don’t care about your reasons for absences and lates. Now I do part-time online school :) 

2015-09-15, Chronic Illness Problems, by Trine Watkins

My old art… yikes o.O I think later I’ll redraw some of them. Idk, I’m not sure I want to redraw this one, just cuz it applied to me more before, when I had multiple flare ups every week, whereas now I basically never get them :)    

Also, this was wayyyy back when I first started dating my boyfriend (Why did I draw him so pale tho? He’s so nice and brown <3 )

2016-05-26, Flare Up, by Trine Watkins

Sometimes, there are flares that hit you out of nowhere, and you have to RUN. I love the forth panel.

If my comics ever become popular, I’ll probably just be known for drawing myself screaming on toilets.