2015-09-16, Why I Can’t Work, by Trine Watkins

I was absent for about 1/3 of my classes in my last year of high school due to my IBS and the time management issues it always caused. This is also one of the reasons I dropped out of uni my first year (full-time on campus), they don’t care about your reasons for absences and lates. Now I do part-time online school :) 

2015-09-15, Chronic Illness Problems, by Trine Watkins

My old art… yikes o.O I think later I’ll redraw some of them. Idk, I’m not sure I want to redraw this one, just cuz it applied to me more before, when I had multiple flare ups every week, whereas now I basically never get them :)    

Also, this was wayyyy back when I first started dating my boyfriend (Why did I draw him so pale tho? He’s so nice and brown <3 )

2016-05-26, Flare Up, by Trine Watkins

Sometimes, there are flares that hit you out of nowhere, and you have to RUN. I love the forth panel.

If my comics ever become popular, I’ll probably just be known for drawing myself screaming on toilets.

Claire is out of her colonoscopy and everything went well!
Her colon is severely inflamated so now they are sure its one form of IBD. They just need to hammer it down to either chrones or colitis.

Regardless, she’s already been put on treatment! So hopefully it’ll be all good from here.

Now she wants a sticker that says: “I’ve been brave today.”