chromosome deletion

Hello everyone.
  • I have to ask you guys for a huge favor.
  • First let me explain. For the last two years I have been planning on moving in with my closest friend and going to community college. I have to move out because my moms boyfriend regularly threatens to hit me and beat me and has tried in the past and my mother has simply just taken his side and told me I have to go. I have no other family members or friends I can currently live with. I also currently don't have a job( I've been applying and I do the online surveys for money) I also am not healthy enough to live on my own, I'm Schizo-effective I also suffer from PTSD, and chromosome 22 deletion syndrome which causes many problems such as severe asthma, low calcium and blood sugar which can cause seizures and fainting spells,etc. Which makes me very weak on a regular basis. And as of yesterday my friend has made other plans to do other things with his life and live with someone else. And in just over two months I will be homeless. And if I can't find a decent job I won't be able to pay for food, my phone bill, and most important I won't be able to get my medications. So I am asking for people to help me out by donating some money to me, just one or two dollars will make all the difference you have no idea. I hate to resort to asking for money from others but I am to the point where I honestly need the help. I'm still applying for jobs and looking for new options but I still will need help. I've put a donate button on my blog which will link you to the pay pal donation. Please consider helping me.