Might as well toss my Mechari (or at least the ones off the arkship) out since everyone else is doing it

Xallius Novitreus is everyone’s favorite angry cyclops with a hot girlfriend

Equalizer Valadox is everyone’s least favorite ICI asshole

Chromex Dekazer is a young soldier with a lot of ambitions and 0 how-to knowledge

Caellix Centros is almost 1000 years old and likes fighting, killing, mercenary work, arena fights, and pink


“Ladies and gentlemen, it would be my pleasure to formally introduce you to my abode, which is designated… the Chromedome. I would like to request you refrain from laughter.

"True, it is a humble beginning, but one must start small.”

arctrooping-deactivated20160406  asked:

5 stars for xallius and 5 stars for chromex


-His favorite color is green.

-The reason Xallius utilizes a heavy gun is because he believes that being far away from the people he’s fighting is just common sense. Why get close to hit them with a sword when you can shoot them from far away?

-He probably would have joined the military if he hadn’t been forced into joining RDCTD. He likes organization and stomping on Exiles.

-He has a soft spot for crappy romance movies, because those were Lorelei’s favorite types. He liked see how happy they made her. He did not enjoy watching pornography with her, though.

-Xallius was in an organization before he joined RDCTD. Which one is a secret.


-Chromex has been in the Dominion military for over 200 years but he’s still just a private.

-He likes to think of fancy titles for himself while he’s alone and imagine them on posters. Things like “Chromex the Super Soldier,” or “Exilecrusher Chromex.”

-Chromex has memorized over 2,000 pickup lines but he always manages to mess them up.

-Despite his age and the number of times he has flirted with people, you can count the number of actual relationships Chromex has been in on one hand.

-There is nothing Chromex wants to do more than train and ride a Heynar.


Here’s a few characters who’ve been sitting in the starting zones for a very long time. Will they ever see their capital cities? I really don’t know

Caellix Centros is just a few years shy of being a Millennial, which is fine by her. She’d rather fight things and people than be involved in any real decision making

Chromex Dekazer is a younger Mechari in the military who dreams of becoming a hero. Unfortunately his tough exterior hides the heart of a coward  who gets dizzy when he sees blood

Aglaya Lavriov is a Mordesh who had the unfortunate timing of being a teenager when the contagion struck. More or less stuck in her rebellious teenage phase, she joined FCON and is very gung-ho about fightin’ Dommies and winnin’ the war

Gezerah Nightscream is from a clan that lives near the solar border of Mikros and… that’s about it tbh, I don’t have anything else worked out for her