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"You're getting me all worked up" Chromedome/Rewind pretty plz

Rewind pushed leaned back hard against the wall, coolant dropped for his forehead and streamed down his faceplate. He huffed, his little hands digging into the berth covers as he watched Chromedome work his face between his legs. Already he was boiling, just from Choromedomes simple little touches and teasing. He hadn’t even opened his panel yet but he could feel the amount of lubricant that had gathered behind his panel. He knew Chromedome was aware of it since a little bit of the lubricant would seep from Rewinds panel seam.

           "D-Domey.“ Putting a single hand over his mask, Rewind watched Chromedome kiss up his thigh. He traced seams and suckled on a few areas he knew Rewind was extra sensitive just to feel his legs shudder in his hands.  "Mhm~” His visor dimmed as Chromedome pressed his lips to Rewinds panel. He smirked, looking up at him to see his reaction.

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✯Stardust : Side A/B✯ 

||A Chromedome/Rewind Fanmix.  

Side A: CD:The Beginning 

I Do Adore//Mindy Gledhill Ghosts//Laura Marline Quiet//LiGHTS Find My Way Back Home//Priscilla Ahn I’ve Got You Under My Skin//Frank Sinatra Something About Us//Daft Punk Hazey//Glass Animals Anchor//Mindy Gledhill .

Side B: RW:The End

A Thousand Years//Christina Perri . Like Real People Do//Hozer . Giving Up//Ingrid Michaelson . All the Way 4U//Poets of the Fall . C’est La Mort//The Civil Wars . Please Don’t Go//Barcelona . This Is My Song//Mindy Gledhill . I Will Follow You Into The Dark//Death Cab For Cutie .

My CD-Rom Playlist is finally live on 8tracks, and its the first fanmix im publishing. Side A is meant to represent the beginning of their relationship from CDs perspective. From the honeymoon phase (I Do Adore), coming to terms with past relationships and attachments (Ghosts), coming to terms with his attachment(read:dependance) to RW (Find my way back home/Under my skin), Their Conjux (Something about us),CDs Injecting problem (Hazey) And finally CD realizing that RW is the thing that is keeping him together(Anchor)

Side B is meant to represent the latter half of their relationship from RWs point of view. From the time that has past (A thousand years) to the things they have learned about each other but do not discuss (Like real people do),Realizing that he has to learn to compromise (Giving up) making a promise to always be together (All the way) realizing CD might not always be there (C’est La Mort), saying goodbye (Please dont go) leaving behind his last video (This is my Song) and finally seeing CD again when its time (I will follow you into the dark)

Ive really tried to put a lot of thought into the order of the songs and the lyric content and wanted the playlist to have a nice flow from mid temp to low tempo and then back up at the very end with a slight jump when Side B starts. 

I would love to hear any comments or thoughts anyone has and thanks so much for reading and listening!! 

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"don't laugh, but my panel keeps popping open" Chromedome/Rewind with Domey saying it please? ^^

           "Don’t laugh, but my panel keeps popping open"

           Rewind kept his hand over his face despite his faceplate hiding his mouth, but it couldn’t stop the restrained snickering that could be heard. Chromedome could almost see his cheeks turning red from holding back so hard. He hadn’t noticed it at first, that was not until the loud POP noise followed by Chromedomes loud curse. He tried fruitlessly to close it, which only resulted in it popping back open only a few moments later.

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Here is a dumbass butthurt fanboy for you all to laugh at.  

Of course love only exists for the sake of procreation.  That’s why it only occurs between heterosexual couples. Couples that don’t have children don’t love each other.  People don’t love their parents, siblings, other family members, or friends, because that wouldn’t result in producing offspring which is the purpose of love.

Also, what does being ‘nigh-immortal’  have to do with anything?  So they have a longer lifespan.  So what?  Does that means that they would get tired of each other from being together too long and stop being in love?  That doesn’t even make sense.

I feel offended that this guy implies that asexuals can’t love.  As an asexual, I assure you that I can love. I have people in my life that I love very, very much, enough that I would die for them.  But I get the feeling that he means they don’t sexually produce and doesn’t even know that asexuality is a sexual orientation in humans.  Also, I don’t think Cybertronians are necessarily asexual, because canon doesn’t explain every single aspect of Cybertronian biology and culture. 


10. A creepy scene.

“"A brain module sitting outside a body without a head wound. Now I’m no doctor, but that strikes me as intensely wrong.” -Trailbreaker (later renamed Trailcutter)


11. One of your fave pieces of dialogue.

Here’s 3. I’ve got plenty more, but here’s 3.

Image 1-I sometimes use Tailgate’s ‘graffiti’ to describe other people, because it’s that hilarious.

Image 2-Swerve is the Spongebob to Red Alert’s Squidward. Look at him, give Red the business.