chromechan421  asked:

Name: Hanna
Age: 16
Meaning behind tumblr url: Yachiru is one of my favorite Bleach characters and 421 is my birthday
Where you live: Ohio
Single/taken: Single
Favorite band: Linkin Park and Sum 41
Favorite singer: Carrie Underwood I guess
Favorite movie: Inception ♥
Favorite tv show: Naruto xD
Hobbies/interests: Watching anime, reading manga, going on Tumblr and singing
Why you follow me: Because I love looking at different styles of boys in different animes and fan art and your blog lets me do that xD
Ask me a question: What made you start this blog?
Favorite disney character: Umm.....I don't really have one.
Special talents: Um..idk lolz I pick up patterns really well so I'm really good in math and I'm a fairly decent singer according to my music teacher xD
Obsession: Anime....yaoi.....Tumblr ♥♥♥
What you want to be when you grow up: I really wanna be a voice actor but I guess I'll settle with high school teacher XD
Random fact about yourself: I have a twin sister.

Last one asofijeaofa sorry for pushing these back.

Nice to meet you Hanna! You’re probably the only person I know who said Yachiru is their favorite character from Bleach since people don’t really pay much attention to her and focus more on Zenpachi lol. And that’s really cool that you have a twin sister, are you fraternal or identical twins? Are you guys very similar to each other?

Well, I created FYPB because I really enjoy video games, anime and manga and I was basically frequently posting those three things on my old personal blog. But the problem was that a lot of people I knew IRL from school and whatnot were following me and I didn’t feel comfortable posting what I liked (since I’m somewhat of a closet-otaku, otaku being the closest word to describe it) so I made FYPB solely for the purpose of posting what I like without any worries. And since I don’t particularly like very many female characters, I chose to post male characters only. Hence the creation of fyeahprettyboys :)