Wednesday 11th November // 11:58

Happy Halfway Day!

I have no lectures on Wednesdays, which means a day to study and get. things. done. 

Things I keep on my desk whilst studying:

  • Bullet Journal
  • Pen/Pencil Pot (ft. Stabilo felt tips, colouring pencils, scissors, and a holepunch)
  • Stabilo fineliners
  • A big ol’ bottle of water (drink your water, people)
  • A picture of my partner, for inspiration & motivation
  • ASUS Chromebook - even if it does only have Momentum open on it

Lots to do today, because I’m away at the weekend, so best get cracking!


We reviewed Google’s new Chromebook Pixel, a beautiful $999 laptop.

The new Chromebook Pixel isn’t meant to outsell other laptops or even to expand Chrome OS’ marketshare. It’s a development platform, one that will eventually make all other Chromebooks better. It’s also a premium laptop for people who can afford to spend a lot of money on the best thing, even if they don’t use it as their main machine.


{41/100 Days of Productivity}

Today I went to my school to get my schedule and chromebook which I am now setting up. I really miss my old macbook, but the school changed to chromebooks to cut costs. At least I’ll still have my beautiful bullet journal to get me through school! This week I printed out one of @sheisrecovering‘s posts and glued it into my bujo for a little inspiration. 

Also check out my studyblr awards post. It has to get 100 reblogs by August 20th and it probably won’t get that at this rate so please reblog it for a chance to win!

Love you guys!