Dear Korean Producer

I’m not asking you to vote all the times for them, and this is not me asking you to put them into top 11. but after I saw I.O.I members on stage, MV, and shows, I think I know what exactly an idol group needs. please consider, that maybe this is the best pick so far. note: I’m totally not biased.

1. Kim Jaehwan (Ind.), Main Vocal.

2. Kim Jonghyun (PLEDIS), Rap, Leader.

3. Kang Daniel (MMO), Rap, Dance.

4. Ong Sungwoo (Fantagio), Vocal, Dance

5. Hwang Minhyun (PLEDIS), Vocal

6. Kim Samuel (Brave), Rap, Dance

7. Park Jihoon (Maroo), Dance, Center

8. Lai Guanlin (CUBE), Rap

9. Lee Dae Hwi (Brand New), Vocal, Composer

10. Ha Sungwoon (Ardor&Able), Vocal

11. Ahn Hyeongseop (Yuewha), Dance, Talent

Trainee I put aside for them to be on top 11 are: Bae Jinyoung (C9), Ju Haknyeon (Craker), Park Woojin (Brand New), please consider them too. They are (and the other trainees) so amazing. 

But I also want to say something that maybe a little sensitive for their fans. There are trainees that I resent for being in higher rank, (don’t start with those Jihoon things with me, I will not budge), like my gut telling me that those 11 boys deserve to be in top 11, this is also my gut telling me not to put them into top 11. Trainees like Lee Woojin (Media Line), Yoo Seonho (Cube), Jang Moonbok (ONO), Kwon Hyunbin (YGK+), Kang Dongho (PLEDIS).

I’ll explain later. Of why they should and should not be in the debut member.

Okay I confess~

I tottally biased. 

Forgive me?


hili everyone:)) sorry for posting this so late and sorry for my face lol

name: alex
url: evenftisak
pronouns: she/her
country: america 
birthday: feb 3rd
sexuality: bisexual (i think)
fave skam character: isak!! but i would literally die for them all
when did you join the skam fandom?: december 15 2016 aka the best day of my life
other fandoms: marvel, shadowhunters, one direction

message from another member that i love dearly:

alex! you honestly light up my dashboard like the ray of sunlight you are. you’re sweet and cute and just so very nice. the times we’ve talked you’ve been nothing but lovely and caring, i honestly love u so much even though we’ve only talked a few times. keep being amazing and precious and rmb that you are loved!!!!!!!!

this is so sweet wow i am undeserving of such kind words! i’m so glad to be a part of a network of such talented, kind, caring, and beautiful people; you are all so wonderful:) and thank you so much to everyone who participated in ebnweek it means a lot


Cnu as Hamlet Fancam

ID #ef9a9a

Name: Alinna

Age: 16

Country: USA  

Hello, i’m Alinna and i live in California. i am Mexican-american and i speak Spanish (although it’s mainly broken and slang). I’ve got two cats and a dog. I like scary movies and my favorite shows are: The Twilight Zone, Peaky Blinders, Sons of Anarchy, Rick and Morty, and Spongebob. I’ve stopped listening to music, but when i did, i listened to classic rock and stuff like that. I hope to find someone with different likes so i can get recommendations. I don’t care if we haven’t got a lot in common; i’d like to expand my interests. :)

Preferences: someone in the US maybe but not in California :) oh and snail mail

Anon requested: Vixx and Prom (based on their song With Me)

Here you go, sorry this took like forever! 

VIXX x Reader


Word count: 425


As I held you in my arms, the moonlight illuminating your face, your eyes sparkling as you stare into my eyes, my heart melts. For a moment, everything around me stills and I can only see you, I can only feel your soft hands in mine, I can only hear the beating of my heart as it calls your name. Our bodies sway with the music, and I wish we could stay like this forever. I lean forward, filling my nostrils with your intoxicating scent. 

“You’re beautiful.”

I whisper in your ear and you smile, a tiny blush creeps into your cheeks. You look away in shyness, your eyes fluttering and my heart flutters along.  

“You’re beautiful.”

I say again and you hit my chest lightly, the blush spreading across your cheeks to your ears, and my eyes follow until they stop at the beautiful pearls adorning your ears. I lift my hand up and fiddle gently with your earrings, knowing you have a sensitive earlobe. You squirm under my touch and I giggle. Your smile only gets wider, and I smile back. I place my hand around your waist, and we sway. I twirl you around and my eyes travel down your gorgeous purple dress. Your lovely silhouette drives me crazy. 

We dance together, oblivious to the other couple around us. Among all the girls dancing around us, I only see you. My eyes are blind to anyone but you. I remember you were worried about coming to prom with me. All the girls will be dressed up prettily, you said. I pushed a lock of hair behind your ear and gave you my answer; how can I see anyone when you’re in my arms?

The two of us become one as I wrap my arm around you and pull you closer. The distance between us closes and I suddenly can’t breathe as I stare directly into your eyes. I clear my throat in awe. 

“You’re so beautiful.”

“Stop it.” 

You say with a smile adorning your lips and I can’t take my eyes of those sweet lips. I take your hand in mine and sway our bodies with the rhythm. I want you to leave your body to the flow, let me take control. 

You place your hand on my shoulder and match my steps. We become one and I know nothing can separate us after tonight. I lean forward and place my lips on yours, and as you give in to me, I wish for nothing but to remain together for eternity.  


halla everyone!!!! sorry for being late to the party, i promise i didn’t do it on purpose

name: valerie but you can call me val
url: @holmhenrikk
pronouns: she/her
country: ukraine (come save me)
birthday: sept 9th
sexuality: probably aroace but i’ve entered my questioning phase again so let’s go with queer
fave skam character: light of my life even bech næsheim
when did you join the skam fandom? late october-early november i think?? right in the middle of 3x05
other fandoms: i am such a multifandom mess tbh or at least i used to be before skam happened so…….. too many

and an anon message from one of these 32 angels that honestly made my day asjfgjkrderf THANK YOU SO MUCH ily to bits ok :’))

VAL MY LOVE you are the sweetest person and i am so glad i got the chance to meet you through this net !! you are a ray of sunshine and i am in awe every time i see your edits. you are funny, intelligent and an amazing person and every time i get to interact with you i am genuinely happy <333</p>

being a part of this network and getting to know all these amazing, beautiful, understanding, funny, talented people is the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time, i appreciate and love all of you so so much and consider you my dearest friends. also i want to thank everyone who has shown support for our network and ebnweek in particular, it means a lot to us !!



Park Jimin

{Losing control} ft. Kim Taehyung

The finest souls are those who gulped pain and avoided making others taste it. You were only 7 when your stepfather killed your mother and siblings, blaming it on you. Hiring a psychiatrist who has more secrets, to kill you and his other victims slowly, making you consider suicide.

01 // on going

Kim Taehyung

{Royalty} ft. Byun Baekhyun

Every year, all royals gather together to celebrate the importance of the crown and alliance. When your father forces you to marry the next king in line to make heirs, you’re not so pleased with the idea.

(coming soon)

Jeon Jungkook


It has been 64 years since the president and the Consortium identified love as a disease, and 43 since the scientists perfected a cure.

A/N: Inspired by Delirium by Lauren Oliver

01 // 02 // on going

Min Yoongi

{After forever}

7 years after giving birth to a beautiful child. You realize that a stepfather isn’t what she needs. 

(coming soon)

Jung Hoseok

{Save me} ft, Bts members, Blackpink members

When you get raped, you are considering to talk to the law enforcement. But when you do, you didn’t know that you would have to talk and tell your story over and over again to a bunch of men about getting raped by a man.

01 // on going

Kim SeokJin

(coming soon)

Kim Namjoon 

{One condition}

When you accidentally kill someone due to self-defense, you get afraid and hide the body making sure no one saw you, only to find out that the schools biggest frat boy was watching you all along, ready make a deal with you.

(coming soon)