Photobook “TOKYO CIRCULATION” by Shinya Arimoto Pre-order Available!

H373×W302×D21mm / 196 pages / Hard Cover with Slipcase / JPY 8,000
Book Design by Koichi Ino / Printed by Tokyo Inshokan / Published by Zen Foto Gallery
Distributor: Shashasha

*Special price JPY 7,520 (signed copies) for pre-orders before July 1st.
*Limited Edition: 1,000 (black cover: 500 / silver cover: 500)

Black Cover ≫
Silver Cover ≫

I’m looking forward to pre-order from you!

Quiz: Which MONSTA X member are you most like?

Let’s do this~ This is Pandacchi’s version!

rules: place an x on traits you share with each member, whichever you have the most of is who you are most like!

Shownu - 4
[ ] you are a literal dance god
[ ] sun-kissed skin so hot you’ll melt a popsicle
[ ] you have many things to say but don’t speak over others
[ ] you’ve got muscles to rival those of the gods
[x] you are extremely respectful to your elders
[x] easily flustered/shy
[ ] you have a ladykiller smile
[x] you find yourself singing outloud a lot
[ ] father by default aka oldest
[x] you sometimes feel like the world is moving too fast for you

Wonho - 6
[ ] you will show off your body whenever you can
[x] you have self esteem issues but really shouldn’t because you rock
[x] you put everyone else before yourself
[x] you are constantly craving ramen
[ ] you don’t want to get married
[ ] you look good in anything or nothing
[x] you work out in your free time
[x] you have trouble pronouncing some words
[ ] you have tattoos in hidden areas
[x] your friends tease you a lot

Minhyuk - 6
[ ] you hate cucumbers and anyone that eats them
[x] you are a literal ball of sunshine
[x] your energy levels are almost always over 9000
[ ] perfect at/always taking selfies
[ ] you make friends with everyone
[ ] you dyed your hair once and now you can’t stop
[x] you smile through physical pain
[x] your friends/family tell you to calm down a lot
[x] you’re a huge fanboy/fangirl
[x] you throw hearts out to everyone you like

Kihyun - 2
[x] you’re the most savage of your friends
[ ] you don’t like being in messy rooms
[ ] you are good at speaking in front of others
[ ] you are the mom of the group
[ ] you have been blessed by the gods with an amazing voice
[ ] smol af
[ ] it hurts for you to act cute
[ ] your friends tell you that you have a distinctive voice
[ ] very down to earth
[x] everything you do must be perfect

Hyungwon - 4
[ ] your body is 99.9% legs
[ ] you are literal model material
[ ] you are generally quiet
[x] you smile the most around your friends
[x] you’re shy about showing too much skin
[x] you fit the sexy appeal well
[x] you need glasses
[ ] you have a resting bored face
[ ] your eyebrows are on point
[ ] you have a big mouth for eating

Jooheon - 9
[x] you can turn from cute to intimidating and back to cute in .3 seconds flat
[x] anything and everything can scare you
[x] everyone has high expectations of you
[x] aegyo machine
[x] you have lovely thick thighs
~ i wouldn’t say lovely but thick lol
[x] most of your friends are older than you
[ ] you have many talents
[x] you can run surprisingly fast
~ yes omg everyone is shocked bc i’m just 5'2’’ and my legs aren’t that long
[x] your favorite part of your wardrobe is your hats
[x] you are well liked by your elders

I.M - 7
[ ] you had an emo phase
[x] you derp face on purpose
[ ] you have a resting bitch face
[x] you have leg/knee issues
[x] you tend to get into bad situations
[x] you are both liked and disliked by many people
[x] you like getting your older friends’ attention
[x] you often like to be alone
[x] you find yourself staring off into space often
[ ] theme park rides don’t phase you

final score:
『 Shownu: 4 | Wonho: 6 | Minhyuk: 6 | Kihyun: 2 | Hyungwon: 4 | Jooheon: 9 | I.M: 7 』

Like what did i expected: It’s Jooheon ㅋㅋㅋ

We Are With You

I just wanted to take a moment and reach out to ANY of my followers: if you or someone you know have been triggered by the recent massacre in Orlando- and cannot/will not speak to a therapist or parent/guardian, as well as want to talk- please, PLEASE reach out to me. I will answer in the best way/most appropriate manner that I can.
Remember that you are not alone and take a moment today to be grateful for the air in your feeble lungs.
We Are Pulse.
Love Will Outweigh Hate.
Orlando, We Are With You.


Meet Pipeline Angels member Jagruti Bhikha

Full name: Jagruti Bhikha

Title: US Lead; Founder & CEO

Affiliation: LetsVentureStoriesOfHer

Twitter handle: @jagrutibhikha

Describe the moment when you decided to become an angel:
I became an angel to influence and innovate with creative, caring, and compassionate women entrepreneurs and women angels.

What investments have you made since graduating from Pipeline Angels?
*Woman founder!

Company: Seven Seas Music
Founders: Maryam Soleiman* and Brooke Wentz*

Company: Kuli Kuli
Founders: Lisa Curtis*, Jordan Moncharmont, Valerie Popelka*, and Anne Tsuei*

Company: Local Hero
Founder: Megan Morris*

Company: Rising Tide Fund
Founder: Alicia Robb*

Company: myLAB Box
Founders: Ursula Hessenflow* and Lora Ivanova*

Company: Get Digsy
Founders: Andrew Bermudez and Alex Bloore

Company: Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water
Founder: Ryan Emmons and Matt Meyer

How many investments do you make per year?
4 - 5

What are your investment deal-breakers?
Arrogant founders

What types of companies do you look to invest in?
Women founded technology and IT startups.

What do you look for in an entrepreneur/founding team?
Humility and the ability to apply lessons learned to be better as a company, as individuals, and as a team.

How has your background played a role in your angel investing?
My background in technology helps me understand more about the companies I am interested in investing in.

One piece of advice to an angel-in-training?
Learn as much as you can about the idea and the team by asking questions and really listening.

One piece of advice to an entrepreneur looking for capital?
Ask angels to reverse pitch to you to make sure that they are also the right fit for you.  

What does impact investing mean to you?
Impact investing to me means how can we make lives of many people better understanding the basic human needs and using technology to help us with that.

Favorite quotation:
If you have means and ability to make your dreams come true, you must do your best to make it happen because many many people around the world only have freedom to dream and nothing else. So, go on, you must dream but also make them come true…because you can. ―Manjula (my mom)

Random fact about you:
I love elephants and dogs and my wish is to spend a good part of my old―and strong―age being with them and caring for them.

Help us change the face of angel investing! Apply to Pipeline Angels’ fall 2016 angel investing bootcamps in Albuquerque, Ann Arbor-Detroit, Atlanta, Austin-Houston, Baltimore, Bangor-Portland, Boston, Boulder-Denver, Burlington, Cedar Rapids, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland-Akron, Columbus, Dallas, DC, Jackson Hole, LA, Memphis-Nashville, Miami, Minneapolis, New Orleans, NYC, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, Raleigh-Durham, Salt Lake City, San Diego, Seattle, SF, Silicon Valley, and