Sky by Susan Kramer
“You are the sky. Everything else – it’s just the weather.” Pema Chödrön

Meet Susan Fleming Kramer  @seagirl49 she is this October’s featured photographer. Susan has not only donated photography but is also a member of Altruist. Her beautiful photography captures the Pacific Northwest. Thanks Susan for sharing your work and for being such a wonderful friend.
Kristie :)

Quiz: Which MONSTA X member are you most like?

Let’s do this~ This is Pandacchi’s version!

rules: place an x on traits you share with each member, whichever you have the most of is who you are most like!

Shownu - 4
[ ] you are a literal dance god
[ ] sun-kissed skin so hot you’ll melt a popsicle
[ ] you have many things to say but don’t speak over others
[ ] you’ve got muscles to rival those of the gods
[x] you are extremely respectful to your elders
[x] easily flustered/shy
[ ] you have a ladykiller smile
[x] you find yourself singing outloud a lot
[ ] father by default aka oldest
[x] you sometimes feel like the world is moving too fast for you

Wonho - 6
[ ] you will show off your body whenever you can
[x] you have self esteem issues but really shouldn’t because you rock
[x] you put everyone else before yourself
[x] you are constantly craving ramen
[ ] you don’t want to get married
[ ] you look good in anything or nothing
[x] you work out in your free time
[x] you have trouble pronouncing some words
[ ] you have tattoos in hidden areas
[x] your friends tease you a lot

Minhyuk - 6
[ ] you hate cucumbers and anyone that eats them
[x] you are a literal ball of sunshine
[x] your energy levels are almost always over 9000
[ ] perfect at/always taking selfies
[ ] you make friends with everyone
[ ] you dyed your hair once and now you can’t stop
[x] you smile through physical pain
[x] your friends/family tell you to calm down a lot
[x] you’re a huge fanboy/fangirl
[x] you throw hearts out to everyone you like

Kihyun - 2
[x] you’re the most savage of your friends
[ ] you don’t like being in messy rooms
[ ] you are good at speaking in front of others
[ ] you are the mom of the group
[ ] you have been blessed by the gods with an amazing voice
[ ] smol af
[ ] it hurts for you to act cute
[ ] your friends tell you that you have a distinctive voice
[ ] very down to earth
[x] everything you do must be perfect

Hyungwon - 4
[ ] your body is 99.9% legs
[ ] you are literal model material
[ ] you are generally quiet
[x] you smile the most around your friends
[x] you’re shy about showing too much skin
[x] you fit the sexy appeal well
[x] you need glasses
[ ] you have a resting bored face
[ ] your eyebrows are on point
[ ] you have a big mouth for eating

Jooheon - 9
[x] you can turn from cute to intimidating and back to cute in .3 seconds flat
[x] anything and everything can scare you
[x] everyone has high expectations of you
[x] aegyo machine
[x] you have lovely thick thighs
~ i wouldn’t say lovely but thick lol
[x] most of your friends are older than you
[ ] you have many talents
[x] you can run surprisingly fast
~ yes omg everyone is shocked bc i’m just 5'2’’ and my legs aren’t that long
[x] your favorite part of your wardrobe is your hats
[x] you are well liked by your elders

I.M - 7
[ ] you had an emo phase
[x] you derp face on purpose
[ ] you have a resting bitch face
[x] you have leg/knee issues
[x] you tend to get into bad situations
[x] you are both liked and disliked by many people
[x] you like getting your older friends’ attention
[x] you often like to be alone
[x] you find yourself staring off into space often
[ ] theme park rides don’t phase you

final score:
『 Shownu: 4 | Wonho: 6 | Minhyuk: 6 | Kihyun: 2 | Hyungwon: 4 | Jooheon: 9 | I.M: 7 』

Like what did i expected: It’s Jooheon ㅋㅋㅋ

昨日からトーテムポールフォトギャラリーにて、甲斐啓二郎写真展「手負いの熊 / Wounded Bears」を開催しております。



Keijiro Kai Photo Exhibition 「手負いの熊 / Wounded Bears」

Date:2016/10/4(tue) - 10/16(sun)   Closed Mondays

 Place:Totem Pole Photo Gallery

Я люблю утро. Свежее раннее утро. Когда еще нет людей на улице , когда птички просто просыпаются и только начинают напевать мотив для нового дня. Проснитесь в пять утра и выйдите на улицу , почувствуйте этот запах, эту свободу, потрогайте росу на траве, погладьте кошку у дома, побегайте за голубями ,вдохните на полную грудь. Мы же люди! У нас столько возможностей, а мы умудряемся просиживать у компьютера свои выходные. Некоторые считают, что отдых это выпить вечерком “ пивка для рывка” и забыться, но…
Но такие утренние прогулки(описанные выше) дадут вам заряд бодрости на весь день ( как в рекламе ахахха, люди ведь всегда ведутся на яркие картинки и красивые описания ).
Кстати, о птицах! Я вот предполагаю, что у птиц, так как и у людей, каждый день новый, необычный, со своими делами ( утром песнопения, далее завтрак по расписанию, потом поговорить с соседом - дятлом). Именно поэтому я люблю мультики! В них показывается жизнь с точки зрения животных, какими они нас видят, что чувствуют. Просто выделите минуту своей жизни и представте вашего домашнего любимца героем мультфильма. Представьте какой у него смешной голос, а может у него акцент? Подумайте, что он хочет вам сказать, когда лает или мяукает? Я считаю, что в этом мире всё живое и у всего есть душа! Даже когда у меня падает игрушка со стола, я ее поднимаю, отряхиваю и говорю “ прости ”. Да-да, можете уже начинать собирать “на лечение ” или как там это сейчас модно?!