A Deal with the Boss

Mafia Boss!T.O.P.
Words: 21.2K
Warnings: Mention of tons of blood, physical abuse, guns, stabbing, gun wounds and a crying Jiyong
9 of TBD [Masterlist of other chapters]

Guess who makes an appearance??? Assassin Taehyung ladies and gentlemen!! If you don’t know about that here is the link and if you do, feel free to read on! Originally the chapter was 13k words… now look at it :’)

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I swerved around the cars driving down the streets, ignoring the beeps and the slamming of brakes around me. The only concern I had was to make it to my building and to the conference room as quick as possible. I pulled into the parking lot of the building, my tires screeching and leaving marks on the ground and I slammed the brakes once in my parking spot.

I stayed in my seat, the engine running quietly, my hands softly running over the leather steering wheel, the chrome and red Tesla symbol in the middle. I couldn’t even turn the radio on because every song on the radio reminded me of the way she tried singing along, failing miserably.

A soft knock on my window brought me back to reality, making me turn the car off. I got out, slamming the door closed, right away my secretary keeping up with me as she walked next to me.

“Do you have what I asked for?” I spoke up, seeing her look through her clipboard before pulling out the papers I asked.

“Those are the names and faces of the people working for Park HaJoon. I already sent some men on planes to search the area and are searching for anything out of the ordinary.”

I flipped through the papers, looking at each and every one of their faces, imprinting them in my mind. I got in the elevator, going right up with my secretary pulling out the building blueprints where the gang was located.

“This is the headquarters, but they have regular workers there but the CEO hasn’t been in for a week, the VIP is running the building and he has no idea what’s going on.” I nodded and waved the blueprints off.

“I doubt she’ll be there anyway, I sent men out there to be potential business partners and they found nothing out of the ordinary. Everything in there is running smoothly. Did you send out the dogs?” I asked, the elevator doors opening and we both walked over to the conference room.

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Characters: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2344

Summary:  Dean watches the reader flirt at the bar and jealousy gets the better of him.

Warnings: Jealous!Dean, Smut, Oral Sex (Female Receiving), Unprotected Sex, Voyeurism, Sex in a public space, Unhealthy Relationship Dynamics,

A/N:  This is the first of a two part miniseries: Jealousy and Acceptance.  I’ve been wanting to explore the concept of jealousy and trust in a series.  It seems like it’s a troupe that’s often used romantically, but I wanted to write it in a more subversive light.  This is a weird one. Special thanks for @deals-with-demons, for being my beta. 

Dean glared at her from across the room, taking another drink from his glass.  She was at the bar, leaning up against a stranger and laughing.  It was the laughter that had Dean bothered.

The stranger crooked his finger, urging her to come closer.  She leaned in, her chest dipping low to bring her head closer to him.  He whispered something in her ear that sent her biting her lip and blushing.

Dean flinched, his demeanor darkening.

Why shouldn’t she be at the bar, meeting someone new, he reasoned with himself.  He’d kept her locked away in the bunker doing research, out of harm’s way, for ages now.  She’d said she needed fresh air.  And Dean had begrudgingly agreed.  Apparently, what she’d meant was she needed to get laid.

Tall, dark stranger traced the edge of her knee with his finger and she giggled.

The sex, he understood.  But it was the laughter that killed him.  One thing he couldn’t provide, but the other, he could; he could make her laugh.  He was fucking amazing at it.  It was up there on his top 10 best skills.

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So I'm obsessed with your WIP fic and just wanted to share some love. I hope we see more soon!! 💙💙

Thank you for the love and patience. Here’s 10k of these dudes being reunited, because I’m ridiculous.

Part: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine.

Eight hours. That’s how long Jonny waits. Just eight hours, but it feels like an eternity.

He doesn’t call back right away. Or, well, he does, but Patrick’s phone goes straight to voicemail. He hangs up. Then he stops and replays the last few minutes in his head – Patrick’s words, the video, the tweet, the ‘I’m not over you.’ Patrick came out. He came out in front of hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people. He came out and he’s single and fuck, Jonny can’t just sit here and not talk to him.

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BMW i8 completed and now on the road.. this was a really unique build to have asked to do.
Wrap: Black Velvet | Gold Chrome
Wheels: Lexani Wraith
Finish: Black with Polished Tips
Suspension: H&R spring kit
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